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Feb 3, 2011 01:40 PM

Help me make my chicken soup special

I have a large container of homemade chicken stock defrosting in my fridge right now. I asked my husband if he wanted risotto or chicken soup for dinner tomorrow night. He said chicken soup.

I could get some chicken meat, some carrots, some celery...*snore*. What can I do to jazz it up? What would you add?

Keep in mind he hates parsnips and sweet potatoes and I hate peas and lima beans.

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  1. Escarole and pasta with parmesan grated on top. Wonderful.

    1. toss in a handful or two of baby spinach, some sliced scallions and grate in some fresh ginger.

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      1. re: wonderwoman

        How about some Chinese dumplings?

        BTW, there was a discussion a while back and more than one person recommended against using stock for risotto and it can be too intensely flavored. Some people only use water. FWIW.

        1. re: c oliver

          I consider the stock what makes the risotto flavorful....what do you get with water?

          1. re: escondido123

            I've never made it with water but there's the butter, onion, wine and cheese :)

      2. I improvise a pot of soup every week. Today's was homemade chicken stock with navy beans, thin-sliced napa cabbage, onion, Chinese garlic greens, carrots, tomato paste, cubed cooked chicken, and rice wine vinegar.

        1. How about Avgolemono, the Greek chicken lemon soup, Good and easy.

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            Just what I was going to say. Enough of a chicken soup that you can enjoy your homemade stock, but a bit more exciting. Spanokopita on the side!

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              I think you touched on a good point. I don't use my homemade stock for just anything. If there are a lot of intense flavors going on I kinda don't want to "waste" it. I know there's more to stock than just the taste, but that's still how I feel. I hoard it for when it will shine.

          2. Make some tiny meatballs with ground beef, green onions, basil and a litlte parmesan. Bake them to get rid of some fat (keeps the soup from getting cloudy), then throw them into your stock with some grated lemon zest, spinach and orzo. Grate some parm over each serving.

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