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Feb 3, 2011 01:14 PM

80th Birthday suggestions, Norwalk area???

My grandmother's 80th birthday is coming up and my family is trying to come up with an idea for a spot for dinner for@ 20-25 ppl. My husband and I are industry foodies from Providence but I know very little about southern Connecticut. We want amazing food, not overpriced, but it certainly is a special occasion. Please advise.

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  1. Barcelona comes to my mind immediately especially for a large group. You are able to order tapas, raciones or dinner depending on how hungry you might be.
    I wouldn't classify their food as amazing but it is certainly good.
    It would help if you added to your post the food that would be acceptable to your grandmother.

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      wow this lace looks wonderful but maybe a little overwhelming for Nana. She is more used to a traditional menu style (apps then entrees). Also not a place that's too loud for her to hear. american fare (new or traditional) and italian/mediterranean would be desirable. Thanks!

    2. Barcelona and an 80 year old birthday party do not mix.

      Maybe you can try Nicholas Roberts fine foods...a small BYO with fabulous high end cuisine. They are also very affordable.

      You can also try Tutti Invitati- its a BYO place in Westport right off 95- the food is home style italian, and absolutely fantastic. The owner is adorable and great to work with.

      Tutti Invitati
      599 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT 06880

      1. Not sure what you consider overpriced but in case you are open to locations other than Norwalk, here are some non-Norwalk restaurants to consider. They are all within ~15 minutes drive of Norwalkt:

        Tarry Lodge (Mario Batali's place) in Portchester - it's right on the CT/NY border next to Greenwich, CT. They have a separate small mezzanine section in the back that would be a good location and perfect for 20-25 people.

        Napa in Stamford has section by the front door that would be good for 20-25 people - it's separate from the main dining room.

        Schoolhouse in Cannondale - they're a small restaurant so by bringing 20-25 people you'll probably end up taking up at least half of their dining space which will give you the feel of having the space to yourself.

        Harvest Supper in New Canaan - a small restaurant that does a nice seasonal menu.

        Nicholas Roberts does nice food but the decor and location is probably not what you are after - it's part of a shopping center/strip mall and the inside decor is not upscale at all, it is very spare, casual decor plus it's BYOB which you may not want.

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        1. re: SeoulQueen

          That is a very nice list SQ, very good ideas with a couple of questions.

          - Has the food at TL gotten better. Most i read is the pizza is good but most of the other stuff is challenged
          - Do you have any idea who is cooking at Harvest Supper and if the chef is good. Kardos left 6 months ago and I have not heard boo about this place sice.

          In New Canaan, you might also add Roger Sherman Inn. I see lots of older-parties there.

          1. re: SeoulQueen

            Schoolhouse only seats 30-35, so you'd have to take the entire space...great food though.

            Harvest Supper is also about the same size, but food has fallen off in the last few months, not sure what they are doing moving forward once Dan is at Bar Rossa full time which should be soon if not already.

          2. We recently took my 90 year old ( In great shape ) parents for their anniversary to Mikes in Norwalk.
            It is the best Italian food we have had in Ct, period!!! We have eaten our way through Italy, so I don't say that lightly.
            The place is small, and will close for a party. It's not in SONO, but well worth the trip to the local's place.