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Feb 3, 2011 12:59 PM

VIP Theater/"Theaters at MOA"--how's the food?

I almost hate to ask, because I fear the answer, but how's the food? It doesn't look extraordinary, but you never know. I wouldn't suppose burgers and burritos are made to order, etc? The beer and wine list doesn't look awful, considering the setting...


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  1. I had the most amazing meal there during the Harry Potter premiere. They have a scratch kitchen run by a former sous chef from the French Laundry. The textures and flavors were perfectly designed thematically for the film. A true culinary accomplishment.

    Just kidding. Think food court, and you'll be satisfied.

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    1. re: keg

      Well, food court is exactly my current expectation, but I was hoping for more. At least decent popcorn, perhaps.


    2. The popcorn is from the concession stand.

      I have had bizarre experiences at that theater. Due to my VIP wristband, the concession stand staff would literally not sell me popcorn. The attendant/waitstaff/usher (?) who was supposed to be taking orders in the theater was nowhere to be found, so rather than wait and potentially interrupt the movie which was about to start, I figured I would just go get my snacks myself. I was sent away, and told that somebody would take my order in the theater. I went back to the theater, waited a few minutes, got annoyed, and returned to the concession stand. I had to practically beg for them to sell me some popcorn and a diet coke.

      I guess I kind of get the idea, but if there is nobody staffing the place, what's the point?

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      1. re: blue_skiesMN

        Oh no, that sounds like a crummy experience! Definitely not what I imagined.


      2. Maybe you should consider the theater in St. Louis Park instead. The food in the VIP section at the theater is a definite step up from food court food. It is not worthy of a trip without planning to see a movie, but the grilled veggie sandwich I had last time I was there was definitely made to order and tasty. A few friends have enjoyed the bacon popcorn as well. They do not deliver to the seats anymore, but the service at the bar is pretty fast and they have a buzzer system so if you order a sandwich, the buzzer will go off when it is ready.

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          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            The bacon popcorn there is DELICIOUS! They also have some desserts that are pretty tasty.

            1. re: phimoez

              I think the St louis park theater VIP food is great. I think they have one of the best cheese/meat plates in the twin cities. Cheese, meat, olives, bread, fruit, spread and a glass of wine sure beats salty popcorn and a soda.

              Oh, and i believe it was 8 bucks- not bad at all.