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Feb 3, 2011 12:51 PM

Is there anything Chow-worthy on the west side by the airport - HELP!

We will be spending a couple of days near Lithia Springs and I've searched the boards and have come up empty. Help! We're looking for locally-owned gems that are kid-friendly. Lunch and dinner spots, and ones that serve adult beverages, are preferred. Any cuisine except Indian/Asian.


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  1. Its not easy to find, but The Hil at Serenbe fits your description. google Serenbe and you'll find it. the Farmhouse at Serenbe, for dinner only, Is a good option, too. Near the little burg of Palmetto, Ga. Some like Frank's, a heavy neighborhood Italian right at an exit off I-85 [Palmetto Rd. or Collinsworth? I forget ...] but its too salty/cheesy/garlicky Americanized Ital. for my taste. Serenbe was developed by Steve Nygren, founder way back when of the Pleasant Peasant chain, which he sold probably in the 90s. His wife, daughter of the legendary Atlanta founder of Mary Mac's Tea Room, runs The Farmhouse, a charming place with a limited, fixed dinner menu., excellent use of fresh veggies and localvore stuff. You can get a nice bottle of wine at either and cocktails, too.

    Mary Mac's Tea Room
    Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

    Hil Restaurant
    9110 Selborne Ln Ste 110, Palmetto, GA 30268

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      "Its not easy to find" - true words - over the river, the hills, and through the woods - but there are signs. Horses may know the way, but GPS may not. In darkness the signs might be hard to see and follow. Store the phone number in your cell phone just in case. Otherwise you stand a chance of driving around in circles with an aching belly, and ending up at a Waffle House.

      1. re: JHLI

        JHLI, we drive to Serenbe about every six weeks for dinner and I still have to think about how to get there. Maybe we should ride our horses there. By the way, the AMC cable zombie show, Walking Dead, filmed in Atlanta last summer, had scenes filmed out Palmetto way, on GA 92 as well. Maybe they can set it next year in Serenbe. That would be a kick ....

      2. re: RxDiesel

        The Hil sounds lovely, and the menu and atmosphere look amazing, but I think it may be a bit nicer than for what I am searching. We'll be in town for a soccer tournament and just wanted to avoid the usual chain concepts (like Waffle House, JHLI - ha). So if there is a bbq joint or pub with great burgers - that would be great. I apologize for not being clearer.

        Also, if you could recommend a place that could handle a group of say 15 or so, that would be great too.

        Hil Restaurant
        9110 Selborne Ln Ste 110, Palmetto, GA 30268

        1. re: lynnlato

          BBQ Kitchen is near the airport. Not as close to Lithia Springs. Bay Breeze is a pretty good old-school (mostly fried) seafood place on 78. The stuff on Thornton Rd is mostly chains but you might find a good taqueria if you keep your eyes open. If to-go charcuterie has value, and you get in on Friday, you could hit Patak (they're only open the first Sat of each month and it tends to be a zoo). It's worth the trip.

          1. re: ted

            Many thanks, Ted! Wow, I Googled Patak and this place looks amazing! Smoke pork shoulder, veal roll, Hungarian salami, etc. Thanks for posting this.

            1. re: lynnlato

              It really is awesome. We love the smoked liverwurst, and any of the hard salami's are really great. Kinda hard to go wrong and it's all very reasonable. The good thing is that you'll be nearby- it's in the middle of nowhere otherwise.

              1. re: lynnlato

                I can recommend the Patak "Canadian Bacon - smoked pork loin for sandwiches". They ask how thick you want it sliced. I usually say thin and pile it on my favorite breads with the condiments I have handy, or just mustard. I have to have mustard. At one time I was wowed by their Westphalian ham, but not so much last time. That is usually not available. No Credit Cards accepted. One time I called about 45 min. before closing and they said don't bother coming, the line's too long. They are European, and so I'm told, when it's quitting time they quit, even if there are still people in line.

                If you are into desserts you can get the best Key Lime pies (take out) at Kenny's:
       . More east and a little further than Patak but not that far. Another somewhat hard to find place because it's in an industrial park with lookalike brick buildings. In a curve of the road and I think you will see it labeled on Google Maps Satellite view. Keep the phone number handy, and they are open M-F 8-5 I think. Chowworthy but not cheap, especially for 15 people. They may still sell the cosmetically challenged pies at a discount. I never saw the problem unless crust edge of non uniform thickness was the problem. They sell mostly to restaurants, but have a walk up window in the office. They have some other good desserts but made their name with Key Lime and that used to be the company name.

                1. re: JHLI

                  Good to know that they do not accept CC's at Patak. Yum, thinly sliced smoked pork loin - I could go for a pile of that right now. And its hilarious that they told you not to bother to come - ha!

                  These posts are exactly why I love CH after all these years. You could never learn of these kinds of "hidden gems" anywhere else.

                  Many thanks everyone!

                  1. re: lynnlato

                    My friends who turned me on to Patak have German heritage. They told me how business is done over there, and they go back to visit relatives most years. Most Americans would be seeing dollar signs and at least serve the line that exits at closing time. It may not be a universal trait. As with Americans, I suspect European traditions may change with the generations.

                    You live in Charlotte NC where there is a Fresh Market. If they sell them there, get the onion pockets, and stuff those with some Patak "bacon". Honey baked ham by the slice works well too.

                    BTW I was thrown off by that "bacon" thing. My friends served me the "smoked pork loin" and the first time I went to Patak myself, I couldn't find it. That's because in the counter it said Canadian bacon. Visions of McDonald's filled my head. I thought you had to cook Canadian Bacon. I had not heard of it as smoked pork loin. I bought something else that time. Maybe someone can fill me in on the details of that issue?