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Feb 3, 2011 11:02 AM

Candy Infused Vodkas

My girlfriend and I frequented one of our favorite local restaurants and had candy infused vodka drinks. Specifically gummy bear and swedish fish infused vodka, respectively. It was amazing. We are trying it at home but the gummy bears seam to be growing in size and not releasing a whole lot of flavor. We used Haribo, the best gummy bear in the entire world and Titos vodka. Has anyone tried this? How long did you infuse them to get alot of the gummy bear flavor?

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  1. How many gummy bears are you using in what volume of spirit? The dilution factor might be a problem even if every flavor additive gets extracted.

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      I would say theres 2-3 times as much liquid to gummys. Is there an optimal infusion time or does that depend on the infusing material?

    2. for something like this I'd just leave them in there until they dissolve or, Taste it a bit everyday until you enjoy it.

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        They dont entirely dissolve. The actually have grown to twice their original size. Its pretty hilarious. I strained it last night and they absorbed alot of the vodka, but what remains is very tasty with soda. We froze t he bloated gummy bears and while they didnt freeze completely they shrunk a little and are actually quite edible. I was hoping they would be harder and we could put the in with the ice...

      2. What sort of mix do you use for a gummi bear cocktail? Cointreau or triple sec, lemon or lime juice, prosecco or club soda?

        While you're on the candy-vodka tip, might I convince you to try bubblegum? Vodka infused with Double Bubble, or another soft chewy bubble gum, is a lot of fun in this cocktail. It's a novelty, but pretty fine: