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Feb 3, 2011 10:44 AM

Valentines day Suggestions Thread

I wanted other people's opinions on great valentine's day places to take my wife on our first valentines day in boston. My wife had rack of lamb and duck for the first time on our cruise and loved them both especially the duck. To help add feul to the flame is there any restaurants romantic enough for valentines day that has real good duck or lamb? I was thinking Mistral Bistro but didn't know if anyone had any beter ideas?

Thank you in advance for your assistance

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    1. re: Duster17

      Definitely romantic. If you go to Salts, look for the chowhound who is proposing to his fiancee - they are going there too, iirc.

    2. Bergamot in Somerville (or is it Cambridge?) is pretty spectacular. I would definitely check that out. Agree with the others on Salts, as well.

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      1. re: purple bot

        i would expect that Bergamot would already be booked.

      2. Whatever you decide, you might want to hurry up and make a reservation. Time's a-wasting.

        My advice is to avoid the fine-dining places: most are doing overpriced prix fixe deals. It's one of those Hell Nights for Servers (New Year's Eve, Mother's Day, and Restaurant Week are among the others), when too many people are dining out with unrealistic expectations of what dinner can deliver, and not enough are good tippers. Instead, choose a restaurant that is off the radar, not fine dining, doing some great traditional cuisine. Or push your fine dining V-Day celebration to the weekend of the 18th instead.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          What is it that you are suggesting is unrealistic to expect Valentine's dinner to deliver? ;)

          Let's be honest - that's a lot of pressure all the way around.

        2. We did V-Day dinner out once, and it was a horrible experience (at what was then a great restaurant). Take MB's advise and go out the weekend of the 18th. Not only will the food be better, but you won't have to take a second mortgage on the farm. And to make a bad matter worse, it's a Monday which probably will mean you won't get the A team.
          Think it over,

          1. I'll agree with the above posters to avoid valentines day out-
            I like to go to Formaggio or somewhere similar and spend half of what I would in a restaurant on fancy cheeses and house cured meats and create a luxurious indoor picnic- eaten with our fingers and accompanied with good wine.
            The duck at Salts is lovely, but better to do it another date.