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Feb 3, 2011 09:50 AM

Khao San Road opens tomorrow

via their Twitter:

"YAY!!!!! We are opening our doors 4 the very 1st time tomorow. We will be starting with dinner service at 5pm :) Thx all 4 your patience."

Exciting stuff!

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  1. Just got this email from their subcribtion list too:

    I just want to inform you that we will finally be opening our doors for business tomorrow (Friday February 4th, 2011) at 5pm for dinner service.

    Starting this Saturday our hours of operation will be:
    Monday-Saturday: 11:30am to 1:30pm & 5pm to 10pm
    Closed Sundays

    Also, you can find our menu at:\menu

    Things to look forward to:
    - We plan on opening Sundays which will include a Thai Brunch
    - We will be offering delivery in the very near future, but for now takeout is available
    - We will be offering seasonal weekly specials
    - We will be doing special menus for events like Thai New Year and a night of Karaoke

    Thanks for your patronage,
    KSR Team

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    1. re: pakmode

      menu looks very similar to sukhothai, wonder what the differences will be since the price points are higher.

      1. re: aser

        I imagine most of the difference will be in the surroundings.

        1. re: hal2010

          I'll be going nonetheless, can't lie and say that they haven't made an impression on me by being so welcoming. Yes the food is good, but the hospitality pushes it above & beyond.

          Probably stick to ordering the non-sukho thai dishes, and heading to sukho thai for the mainstays.

          As much as people like to hoo and haa about their disassociation from sukhothai, it's still owned w/i the family and I'm relatively confident the quality won't decline. I haven't noticed any dip in the last few months when their involvement lessened, they seemed to have left the business w/ a solid foundation in place. I mean, why wouldn't they want their pops to succeed financially?

          No reason we can't go to both khao san or sukhothai.

      2. re: pakmode

        Can't wait to try it! Having Khao Soy (my very favourite dish in the world, sadly very hard to find in Toronto) so close to work is dangerous!

        1. re: pakmode

          Does anyone know if they have their liquor licence yet?

          1. re: principessa del pisello

            it did not appear to be the case when i went in on friday

            1. re: plug

              they picked up their license late friday and i was sipping on some singha on saturday!

              yum yum... wine and cocktails to come soon.

              1. re: plug

                Yes we do!

                We received our license last friday and received our first shipment of Singha Saturday afternoon.

                We are currently working on a our wine list and developing a few special cocktails just for fun!

                Also in the works: BYOB, local taps and Thai Buckets.

                1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                  Thanks for the quick reply! I'm looking forward to my first visit on Thursday!

                  1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                    THAI BUCKETS??? I thought I saw the last of those when I left Koh Phangan!!!


                    1. re: downtownfoodie

                      I know, huh? Too funny. Love the idea, though it's not quite the same if you can't stagger across a beach to get back to your room afterwards...

            2. Dropped by yesterday, Jeff & Nuit were just putting the finishing touches on KSR. Special ingredients imported directly from Thailand. Exciting!

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              1. re: JonasBrand

                Swung by KSR for lunch today. Tried the Khao Mun Gai Taud ($10), breaded fried chicken over Jasmine rice cooked with ginger, garlic and pandan - delightful flavour and very tasty. Also made it a combo ($3)... small soup (Tom Kha Gai, chicken and coconut soup) with a summer roll, both were great. Thai ice tea ($4.50) was super, but perhaps a tad pricey.

                Khao San Road
                326 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P7, CA

              2. Looking forward to some good, simple pad gra pao gai -- sadly absent from the Toronto food scene. Interesting choice of name, though -- the Thai folks I worked with absolutely loathed Khao San Road and the "bird shit foreigners" (mainly backpackers fresh from the islands) who hung out there...
                Regardless, I shall be there with bells on.

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                1. re: sokoto

                  Note, they aren't taking any reservations for now. Is it licenced yet or are they planning to? I doubt it since alcoholic beverages do not show up on their menus but I sent them an email and suggest they tweet that.

                  Two things everyone always needs to know about a restaurant other than the food menu:

                  Do they take reservations and is there booze available, lol.

                  UPDATE: The just took my suggestion and tweet not licensed but coming soon! I always need a nice chardonnay with my Thai food.

                2. Anyone have any thoughts about a place to go drinks (that is not too noisy) in the area before or after given they are not licensed yet?

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                  1. re: Flexitarian

                    Adelaide St. Pub
                    Open Wide
                    Black Bull

                    Black Bull
                    298 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

                    1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                      It's actually called the Wide Open. They don't serve food there, so that's an incentive to go elsewhere to eat!

                  2. ummm maybe because it's a Thai restaurant for Westerners? makes sense to me, I like the name. Probably a bit tongue in cheek?

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                    1. re: miketoronto

                      KSR just tweeted - no liquor license yet, but soon.