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Feb 3, 2011 09:13 AM

Healthy snack to keep in car in varying temperatures

What's a healthy snack (minimally or no processed) to keep in the car that can handle hot/cold temperatures AND not create a mess when eating?

At the moment, I'm using coconut water. Not sure if almonds/walnuts would go bad in summer/winter temperatures.

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  1. I've kept almonds in the car (in a zip lock bag) in all kinds of weather (granted in the Bay Area we don't have frigit weather) without any noticable problem. You might consider keeping them out of the sun, in a glove compartment.

    I have also kept granola bars in the car but you have to be careful in the summer months as they can melt, depending on what kind you have. Obviously the frosted/coated ones fare worse than others.

    1. Dried apricots, dates and rice cakes. Rice cakes can be messy though no more than sesame bagels which are always eaten while driving.

      1. I do almonds in the little cans which makes them easy to dip into and reseal. I also like dried banana chips...again, out of the sunlight. I've never had an issue of those items and extreme cold or heat. Oh, and pretzels, the little ones in ziplock bags. Happy Snacking