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Feb 3, 2011 08:51 AM

Sunday brunch or lunch with ocean view in Malibu or Santa Monica

My mom's bday is this Sunday, and I'd like to take her to a nice lunch/brunch in Santa Monica or Malibu. She likes ocean views. Any suggestions? The first thing that came to mind was Duke's, but I wouldn't mind taking her somewhere new. Mexican or American food preferred. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Geoffrey's has a lovely patio with a gorgeous view. The weather on Sunday promises to be beautiful!

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    1. Back on the Beach?

      Back on the Beach
      445 Palisades Beach Rd, Santa Monica, CA

      1. Four good options in Malibu are:
        1. Malibu Beach Inn - next to the Pier - dining room now is open to the public (used to just serve hotel guests) - there is dining on the loggia that is right on the beach - food is decent, not great, and it is a little pricy - but it is the nicest ocean/beach view/dining option in town, IMO
        2. Moonshadows - serves a great burger and has tables outside right above the surf - not as fancy as #1, but good "bar food" lunch
        3. The Beachcomber on the Malibu Pier - I have enjoyed everything I've had there - not too pricy, casual but nice atmosphere
        4. Malibu Seafood - is across PCH from the beach, and you eat at picnic tables, but if your mom is not troubled by super casual atmosphere - the seafood can be excellent and generally is at least very good, and you are outside with a great view of the ocean - only draw back is that they do not have a liquor license - so no beer/wine with those fish and chips

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          geoffrey's is good for an appetizer, dessert, and cocktail - but skip main courses. too expensive and not that great.

          moonshadows is great!!! i like sitting outside better than inside, but sometimes they are tough about it.

          malibu beach inn is really lovely and the food is good.

          not mentioned - the sunset at zuma -

          also - at the end of santa monica pier is an ok mexican place. not great - but not bad and a nice atmosphere.

        2. My go-to response to good food and a great view: Catch at Casa del Mar. The food is fantastic, the room is beautiful, the view is gorgeous.

          Shutters is another option.

          1. If you want a great atmosphere take her to Bob Morris Beach Restaurant in Paradise Cove, Malibu, food is ok but the surroundings in and out cant be beat.

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              The Bob Morris restaurant might work. She likes very simple food (e.g., turkey sandwiches or carne asada tacos). Thank you.

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                We went to Paradise Cove twice recently. In December, at around 9:00 am on a Sunday, two of us had a lovely meal, beachside. We went back on a Sunday morning in January, arriving closer to 10:00 am and had a horrid experience. The smoked salmon hash brown benedict was a soggy mess. The eggs ahd soaked the hash browns and the smoked salmon was a bunch of low quality ends. The "damn good eggs" came in a tostada bowl, which the waitress had neglected to mention so my gf husband couldn't eat it. My fork and my orange juice never arrived, despite repeated requests for the former and the latter showing up on the bill. The other egg dishes we ordered were only manageably edible. There were 6 of us, including four 18 year olds--but we couldn't finish even one of the 6 breakfasts we ordered. My recommendation would be to spend a little more and get a more consistent meal. It was the most disappointing meal we have had in a long time.

                1. re: coffeebrownies

                  Thank you for this tip. I don't want an overpriced place with fancy food. My mom likes very simple food, such as turkey sandwiches on sourdough bread, baked potatoes or fries, carne asada tacos, etc. That said, I also don't want to take her to a cheap, divey place, that is overcrowded with bad food. The perfect place would be somewhere clean, classy, nice, where you can see the ocean from inside the restaurant, good service and simple food under $20 per person.

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                    Sounds just like the Beachcomber (as Pambrain recommended in her post above) at the foot of the Malibu pier to me.

                    The Beachcomber Malibu Pier
                    23000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265