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Feb 3, 2011 08:26 AM

LA dining guide? (moved from Los Angeles board)

Any suggestions for a good dining guide that would help a traveler get a sense of where they wanted to eat? Maybe in the LA Times, or in a weekly publication? I'm a bit overwhelmed in my planning and don't even really have a handle on what cuisines I want to eat yet. I've love to just browse something to get some ideas.

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  1. I know some people don't like it but the Los Angeles Zagat guide might give you with the lay of the land and a good starting point, but I actually think that this LA Chowhound board is the best resource of all...and you can start at this link:

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      I like that thread! Just browsing Chowhound is a bit overwhelming but that's a good place to start, thanks.

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        I guess it depends on what type of food you like and what you're looking for.

        If you like Chowhound, you should give Jonathan Gold a try. He's the first person to win a pulitzer in food criticism, and he puts out an annual 99 restaurants or dishes to try list.

    2. Eat Los Angeles:

      It's like a Chowhound guide written by bloggers, some of whom also post here.

      1. I'm going to get seriously skewered, grilled and charred for this, but going to Yelp for general categories in a given cities is a start, then cross-reference the higher-rated eateries with Chow for more detail and thumbs-up or down. We do this a lot when we're out of town and need info quick. I've found that what Yelp lacks in serious reviews (too many, "I wanted to like this place but..." kinda comments), it makes up for in number of responses and coverage of just about every eatery in the local area. Yelp is very user-friendly when it comes to producing lists of places serving specific types of food and kinds of places - Chow not nearly so.

        We were up in Santa Cruz last summer. When I inquired about great places to eat in Santa Cruz on the California board, I received some great recs. For instance, Kelly's French Bakery was recommended. Another bakery that I didn't see mentioned was The Buttery, which we found on Yelp and was very good as well:

        When I yelped, "bakeries" in the Santa Cruz area, I found The Buttery and Kelly's at the top with highest ratings and enough numbers of reviews to support these ratings. I then checked Chow's California Board for positive mention of The Buttery, which I did find. When I see this kind of confirmation, chances are very strong that the prospective eatery will be a ringer.

        In my little part to make Chow an easier place to find specific categories, I know will lead with subject names when creating a new post. Here's a recent one inquiring about gastropubs:

        I also agree with hobbess about using Jonathan Gold's lists and write-ups as a barometer. Although his write-ups can be somewhat vague in determining a true opinion, his lists leave no doubt about how he feels relative to a place.