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Feb 3, 2011 08:25 AM

valentines takeout near Disney

hello, will be staying at the Villas of Grand Cypress (cvery close to Disney) with Dw and 2 DDs ages 1 and 5.

The kids are usually great (sleeping) at restaurants and we take em everywhere, but we know better than to go out on Valentines day for dinner, since a)everywhere will be too busy, and b) no one will appreciate 2 litle kiddies while they are trying to have a romantic meal.

So our valentines day routine is a very nice bottle of champagne, and usually a very nice sushi takeout.

I was hoping to find a good one within 15 minutes drive, but none of those near by seem to have stellar reviews. Does any one have any recommendations for sushi, or any really good takeout close by? or if any one has tries the sushi bar at the hyatt grand cypress. Menu is limited, but will make do if is best in area.

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  1. Head North up Apopka Vineland Road (right by your hotel) about 10 minutes and take a right on Sand Lake Road. Right about there you'll see the Dellagio complex of shops and restaurants where Dragonfly is - great sushi and we get takout all the time - park underneath in the garage and you can be in and out in 5 minutes. Drive another 1/4 mile and you also have you choice of sushi from Amura and Nagoya which are also very good options. The key from where you are is staying off I-4 - if you go the "back way" I describe you are pretty close to everything. Use Google Maps to make sure you don't get lost.

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      dragonfly looks good.
      what are your favourites there?