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Feb 3, 2011 08:18 AM

Need Doylestown recs for college visit

Hubby and I are visiting Del Val College with our son, arriving on Monday, Feb 14th. I'm looking for dinner recs for that evening at a casual place with a good beer selection. We would like to avoid the Valentine's day crowd, although I know that's a tall order. If there any brew pubs in the vicinity, then that would be perfect!

I also need to know where the best coffee can be found on or near Main street. We're staying at the Courthouse Motor Inn and I don't have high hopes for their breakfast. Most of the tours that we've done have included lunch on campus, but it would be good to have a recommendation for a late lunch just in case we don't end up eating there. Something close to the campus would be ideal.

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  1. Casual Dinner -In Doylestown, Stephanies. or Mesquito Grill (good wings) are your two best casual places that might not be TOO mobbed on Valentines Day and have decent beer selections. Further south on 611 you have TJ Smith's right near the VW dealership. Wood Oven pizzas, good beer selection, and some nice salads.You might also consider the Iron Abbey on 611 near the Willow Grove Navel Airstation. Avoid Knights House, and the Freight House. They will be mobbed. You do have a barely passable Mexican restaurant, Poco's attached to the Motel. Some people like the marguaritas there. I am not a big fan of it. F

    Nearest brewpubs are: Crabby Larrys on Route 202 in Chalfont (fish restaurant and brew pub), Triumph Brewery in New Hope or Iron Hill Brewery in Montgomeryville. None of these are THAT good that its worth driving the 15 to thirty minutes to get to any of them.

    Breakfast Around the corner from the Courthhouse Motor Inn is Cross Keys Diner. Local place with good food and decent cup of coffee. Its in a blue house on Swamp Road. Corneal buttermilk pancakes are one of their specials. They also have good omlettes. Or you can go for a continental breakfast at the Crossroads Bakeshop, quarter mile down the road on the left next to the Papa Johns, where they serve fair trade coffee from small worlds Roasters out of princeton, and they make great muffins, scones, croissant and breakfast pizza. (Note they are closed on Mondays). They also have lattes etc. Its a small space, self serve coffee with a few seats. More of a take out place. Another gem is Vine and Fig on State Street in Doylestown. Locally owned they are really a place for good food, and a nice relaxed atmosphere. For a chain you have a Perkins a quarter mile south on Swamp Road.. I personally would avoid.

    Coffee in Doylestown: Two Starbucks : one across the street from you in the Genuardis, the next shopping center over is a stand alone Starbucks. In "downtown" Doylestown you have Saxby's (formerly Bucks County Coffee), Starbucks, and Coffee and Cream. All have a good cup of coffee and latte drinks.

    Late Lunch- Closest thing to Campus might be Duck Deli on Route 202. Its a BBQ restaurant, that does an ok style of Carolina BBQ. Into Doylestown, you have Lilly's a sandwich/salad shop. Next door to it you have Smokin Lil's which I think does better BBQ than Duck Deli. Jules Thin Crust Pizza is an intersting take on pizza, using organic ingredients. Spice Thai next to the County Theater does some nice Thai food and good prices. Vine and Fig also serves some nice salads. Others may have some other favorites for lunch in Doylestown.

    Enjoy your trip to Doylestown. Next time you migh prefer the Comfort Inn which is only about 10 minutes from Del Val, and should be competitively prices to the Courth House Motor Inn. (TJ Smiths is across the street.) You have some more chain hotel options either in Willow Grove or in Montgomeryville, or you could consider one of the many bed and breakfasts in the area. Hope your son likes the college.

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      terrific...thank you. I read about the cross keys, but I haven't seen the others mentioned before. I'll definitely check them out. Of the brewpubs you mentioned, do they all brew their own? If so, which has the best food?

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        All of them brew their own beer. Crabby Larry's is a very small system and I havent been there in a long time. Iron Hill is part of the Iron Hill chain, and I really like their Saison and some of their darker beers (Pig Iron Porter). Triumph makes some good beers and also consistently has at least one beer on a beer engine. I like their ESB, and some of their porters and Stouts, as well as some of their german style beers.

        Crabby Larry's food is hit and miss. At Iron Hill I usually get their soups and their wood fired pizzas. They have a wide array of items. Check out their website. and select North Wales

        Triumph's food is hit and miss. Personally I think their beer is good,

        If forced, I would probably select Iron Hill, though again given the night you are trying to eat....

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          The good thing about Iron Hill is that if you get there before nine pm and your son would like some snacks to fuel his studying, you can hit Trader Joe's at the other end of the shopping center and stock up. Also if your son is a gamer or a comic book fan, be sure to take him to Cyborg One, fun friendly shop with a huge selection in downtown Doylestown. Lots of Aggies hang there. Too bad the weather won't be warm, an excellent spot for a picnic is the Tile Works, just down the road from Cross Keys diner.

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        Another vote for Cross Keys Diner here. Note that they are only open for breakfast and lunch, but it is well worth the trip! We drive over there from Princeton about once a month! -mJ

      3. In addition to those named by cwdonald, there is Porterhouse Brew Pub in Lahaska.
        Good beer selection, food is actually quite good. I've enjoyed their grilled tuna sandwich.

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          Porterhouse no longer brews their own beer. They have a good selection still including beers from Riverhorse and from Philadelphia Brewing Company.

        2. Without having to drive to Chalfont, Warrington, Willow Grove or Montgomeryville, try Maxwell's on Main right in the center of Dtown--across from the courthouse. Excellent selection of all kinds of craft beers, great casual food--the big ol' nacho!--right in the heart of town.
          You can't go wrong with Cross Keys or Crossroads, but Crossroads has the better coffee. Near campus, you can't miss with the Duck Deli, but they don't have a liquor license. Porterhouse will be jammed that weekend.