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Feb 3, 2011 08:07 AM

"3" in Arlington

Any recent experiences at this Clarendon spot? Trying to search board, but it's a tough name to search on.

Looks/sounds like it would be a buzzing place, comfort food etc. I'm especially interested in the bacon options (not as many on the menu as I'd hoped but what's there looks excellent).


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  1. I pass by there a lot and would like to know how it is too...especially brunch!

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      I live close by and have been there several times for brunch, in fact, we're thinking of going again this Sunday. I think they have great brunch options- fairly innovative and well-prepared with quality ingredients. I love their take on eggs benedict with tasso ham and their shrimp and grits. Good service and I've never encountered a wait. It's definitely one of the best options in the Clarendon area- it's not quite the fine dining level of Eventide, but it's not dinerish like Silver Diner or barish like Witlows, or chainish like Cheesecake Factory (or like Boulevard Grill for that matter, which I don't think is a chain but tastes like one).

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        I finally visited "3" and it was really good. I went with some friends for drinks and appetizers after work. I loved the collard green egg rolls and fried green tomatoes. I'm planning to go back to try brunch and the bacon bleu cheese chips soon.

      2. I actually eat here quite often due to the merger of great gluten free options and comfort food hubby likes. I really love the bacon, blue cheese chips if you want a decadent nacho like snack. I also love the bbq duck, I normally get it in lettuce wrap form and Hubby in sandwich form.

        They also have a good burger.

        I have had their steak salad, fried chicken salad (before I was gluten free) and spinach salad and wedge. The wedge was ok, not anything very different, nor was the fried chicken, but they weren't bad either. Good portion size.

        The smothered trout is actually pretty good even though it sounds unappetizing. I also like the roasted pork loin.

        On the brunch menu: shrimp and grits, omlette, low country breakfast and again pulled duck are all good. They have good normal breakfast.

        I wouldn't say any of their food is out of this world, but it is all solid and good. And normally it isn't too too crowded so you can get in. It is one of our normal brunch/lunch places when we are running errands in Clarendon. They also have a nice beer list and good hh specials.

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          Don Rockwell just raved about the smothered trout in his website review page for 3. It is entry #26 from 2 years ago, and he had eaten there before and thought it was good, but then he ordered the trout and it was culinary bliss. I haven't been but the report of the trout was so good that every time I drive by I think, they have great beers and a trout dish I want to try... But I never have.

        2. so now it is called "3 bar & grill".....

          but the menu is the same as ever?

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            Yeah, and it is still called Restaurant 3 on a lot of stuff, so I don't think the name change really has stuck consistently.

            Restaurant 3
            2950 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

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              Rats, I just recommended it to a friend.