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Feb 3, 2011 07:22 AM

value-for-money kaiseki (can be either lunch or dinner) in tokyo?

hi, i'll be going to tokyo for the first time in march this year. since i'm still a poor student, i'll be checking out options like sushidai and sazanka's lunch. i'm also really keen on trying out an affordable kaiseki meal (preferably from a more well-known place so directions won't be an issue) and it would be great to hear your recommendations, thanks! (:

p.s. i'm not a fan of any form of fish other than raw fish

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  1. Just out of curiosity, what is it about kaiseki that you think you want to try? I ask because a traditional kaiseki meal is built mostly on fish and seafood. And traditional kaiseki restaurants offer set menus, so you can't just pick the dishes you like.

    If you just want a multi-course banquet-style meal, you might try one of those at a tofu restaurant or a sukiyaki specialist, say - they're also called "kaiseki", but it's a different spelling, and it just means "banquet" basically. Those are usually the most expensive selection though, so I'm not sure what the point would be if you're looking for budget options.

    PS. Well-known restaurants are often harder to find, not easier.

    1. You'll struggle with traditional kaiseki if you only like raw fish.

      1. thanks a lot for the replies (:

        to robb s - hmm, kaiseki just seemed very quintessentially japanese and i would love to experience it! i was also interested in the quality seasonal ingredients. and thanks for the tofu/sukiyaki suggestions...i was looking at maybe tofuya ukai.

        to asomaniac - i guess i'll have to scrap the idea then, do you have any suggestions of a not-so-traditional kaiseki that fits my requirements? (:

        also to clarify, my budget isn''t crazy low...about 100 usd - 200 usd thereabouts, but i'm looking for something that's value-for-money (:

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          You might like the "kaiseki" banquet menus at Banyou sukiyaki restaurant in Nishi-Shinjuku. They definitely focus on beef, although there may be a raw-fish first course. (And I can't guarantee the complete absence of cooked seafood, but it probably won't be a major component).

          The menus range from Y7350 to Y12,600.

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            thanks so much for the help robb, the menu looks pretty good (:

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              My wife works in the park hyatt building and we sometimes do lunch at kozue. We even brought my mom there once. I think it's a good deal for lunch like at most 5,000 set. It's good traditional Japanese and the view is awesome.