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Feb 3, 2011 07:02 AM

Best "lingering" lunch Guilford/Branford CT

Meeting up with four friends on Saturday for a LONG lunch. Looking for recommendations that I may not have thought of yet. Would consider Madison also.

Prefer casual - good variety of food but don't need a Le Petit Cafe style meal.
A couple in the group are sushi lovers so was considering 9 East (anything better?).

Just looking for a place that pours good drinks and will not rush us out.

Tommy Sullivans comes to mind but thought i'd throw it out for other ideas.


Le Petit Cafe
225 Montowese St Ste 7, Branford, CT 06405

Tommy Sullivan's Cafe
240 N Main St, Branford, CT 06405

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  1. If you want sushi, I'm very partial to Yooki Yama on the green in Branford. I think its the best quality sushi in the area and we've never been rushed there. I would think that lingering over lunch on a Saturday would be easy as it not too crowded at that time. I wouldn't be surprised if the chef/owner Seiko didn't come by and chat with you if you were hanging out. The cooked part of the menu is short but well done and there's usually some interesting daily specials. If you add some sake sampling to the long lunch you will probably follow it up with a nice afternoon nap.

    1. Personally I think Tommy Sullivan's is a great choice, whereas a restaurant may get antsy to see you go after lunch, Tommy's is open all day, no closing b'tween lunch and dinner.
      So as long as your eating and drinking I have no doubt that they would welcome you.
      Plus the food is very good! We live right down the block so get burgers, wings and sandwiches from them all the time.

      Tommy Sullivan's Cafe
      240 N Main St, Branford, CT 06405