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Feb 3, 2011 06:42 AM

Naples restaurant appropriate w/ 7 y.o., parents and grandparents?

We will be staying at the Bellasera with my 7 y.o. and my 87 y.o. parents. Which restaurants would be appropriate for all three generations. It can't be too loud or my parents can't hear, and can't be too quiet for my generally well behaved son. DH and I love to eat good food. DS does not like pizza, but will eat non-spicy ethnic food. Please tell which are appropriate so far on our list, culled from the boards:
Inca's Kitchen
IM Tapas
Falafel Grill
Tommy Bahamas (lunch)
Swan River/Steamers/Bert's
Escargot 41 (maybe a night out with DH only)
Fernadwz de Bulll/World Cafeteria and Bakery
Bha Bha
Bistro 821
Naples TomatoTaco Ardiente
Tac Ardente
Amigo's Mexican
Turtle Club

I have more in town (Yabba GRill, Pazzo Cucina, Bamboo Grill, Cafe Amore, Bleu Provence)

I know the list is overlong, but I am hoping for some guidance. I hate overpaying for mediocre food!

Bistro 821
821 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102

Bleu Provence
1234 8th St S, Naples, FL 34102

Escargot 41
4339 Tamiami Trl N, Naples, FL 34103

Turtle Club Restaurant
9225 Gulf Shore Dr, Naples, FL 34108

Bamboo Grill
3946 4th St N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33703

853 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102

Amore's Restaurant
2357 Tamiami Trl S Unit 1, Venice, FL 34293

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  1. chops,campiello,tommy bahamas,pazzo,turtle club, are all good choices..
    olio is closed...
    taco ardiente is more like fast food..
    randys has been very loud and disappointing in my visits...
    fernandez and amigos r good..
    have not tried incas,falafel grill,bha bha..but have heard they r ok..

    most of those are ok...imho

    and bellasera is nice also...

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    1. re: srsone

      thanks for your replies, and the reassurance about bellasera. It is always a gamble trying to accomodate three generations...
      Since Bellasara is close to downtown, should I focus on those restaurants, or are the rest nearby as well?

      1. re: bawc

        chops and pazzo are within walking distance...
        bellasera is just north of whats called downtown naples..5th ave..
        most of the rest are pretty spread out...
        if u have a car they are all only about 20 30 mins away....
        as far as bellesera..we like the first floor rooms on the opposite side of the bar/zizi's
        they have a nice screened in lanai.just off the pool...
        and they are basically condos..2 bed/2 bath and a full u could even do meals in the room if u like
        there is a publix a few minutes north and there is wynns grocery closer to downtown..

        also do u need some touristy ideas for things to do or see?

        1. re: srsone

          Tourist suggestions would be wonderful. We are going mid-February. We may go off with DS during the day, it is hard for my parents to keep up with him, since my mother is unwell.

          1. re: bawc

            have u ever been here before?
            an airboat ride is fun..altho u might not see a lot of wildlife..u will probably see some gators...
            naples zoo isnt bad..not great but ok..
            its been pretty nice lately so u might get some beach time in

            1. re: srsone

              Thanks for the suggestions. Will follow up when I am there...

    2. St George and the Dragon is newby and is very popular with the older set (if you don't like it you are just 2 blocks from downtown 5th ave. its an old-time Steak/Prime Rib pub.

      for nite out with DH would consider Preston's--best steak in town (or anywhere, for me).

      1. So far we have eaten at chops and pazzo which met the needs of all generations. Tonight DJ and I are having anight out alone at escargpt 41. For our last night we will all go out together. Trying to decide between I'm tapas and bonefish. Very different but which would you recommend with DS? My mother loves fish and paella..