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"Extra Virgin" on Cooking Channel

What do we think of this show with Debi Mazar and her Tuscan husband? I know this board tends to be highly critical of most TV shows _ and it's true there are plenty of bad ones. But I kind of enjoyed the one episode of "Extra Virgin" I've seen so far. It was the one where they go to a farm and get chickens. Anyone else? Opinions?

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  1. I have not seen this show , Yet.... Never really thought this would be a good one, but heard all good reviews.. I need to look up re-run times when I get home. .I personally think most of the shows that I ever seen on the Cooking Channel are pretty good. Some are very labor intensive, but much much better than food network . Look forward to watching even more , now.

    1. I've only caught one episode and I thought it was quirky but entertaining. One gets a good sense of Gabriele and Debi's personality and the sense that they are just trying to have a good time talking to you about the food they love to make. It is very conversational in an unconstrived and natural way -- what a lot of cooking shows strive to be.

      1. I did not enjoy this one at all. It seemed more like a "Real Housewives" episode than a cooking show.

        1. I'm still trying to figure out how a so-so character actress becomes a food maven and gets her own show.

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            When your best friend is Madonna, it's quite easy.

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              Please....like Madonna has an in at the cooking chanel....the show is cute and they have had an extremely popular food blog for years.

            2. I really like the show. The food looks amazing and delicious. I learn a bit, it's entertaining, and I like the reality style of it. Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos have been running a food blog for years- Under the Tuscan Gun. So Debi has been involved and interested in food for a while. I think it's a great addition to the boring stand and stir shows that we're all used to.

              1. I had all three episodes (so far) tivoed and watched them this week....I loved it. I loved the way it flowed and didn't seem over the top at all. So far this and fourcourseman have been my favorites on cooking channel.

                1. Not earth-moving but entertaining and fun to watch. I only watched one show and didn't really pick up anything to add to my "knowledge", but it was interesting enough to watch again. I've always thought Debbie Mazar was fun ................... in a less annoying Fran Drescher kindof way.

                  1. You know, I like Debi Mazur. She comes across as someone that I could really be good friends with. That said, she and Gabrielle make a very nice couple. Their good karma shines through. It doesn't attest to be some teriffic cooking show and it is what it is. It's good entertainment.

                    1. At first I really enjoyed the show, however, I think they have gotten away from cooking and more into how much they adore each other. I don't watch it as much.

                      1. Pardon my ignorance once again, but is the Cooking Channel an American station? I know we don't have this in Alberta.

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                          Yes. It's owned by the same company that owns Food Network (Scripps) I believe some of their programming is shown on FN in Canada.

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                            It is rather funny, some of these "new" shows on FNCanada are just "old" shows from the US. When you guys get tired of them, Canada picks them up. LOL Maybe not, but it seems that way. When I go to the FN US site, I see chefs I have never seen before. It is kind of sad, because Canada can hardly come up with it's own shows, so it has to borrow from our wonderful neighbours.

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                              What's interesting, in light of your comment, is that when Cooking Channel debuted a lot of the shows were Canadian Food Network productions that had run in Canada but were not seen here.

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                                LOL Figures. We have shows that are Canadian?? Ha ha Just kidding....put the gun down and back away!

                        2. I watch it for two reasons: her cute, old poodle and her cute, young(ish) husband. That dude is straight up sexy.

                          1. I've just recently started watching this and II like this show a lot. I think Debi and Gabrille are entertaining and also think Gabrielle knows his stuff around food and can teach me a lot. Actually to me they are a breath of fresh air from a lot of the old boring shows.

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                              I think the husband gives the show cred. He's adorable. Debbie is a lucky girl.

                            2. I've really tried to like it, but it's a little too gushy for me. Every time they play the promo where she throws salt over her shoulder for luck and it goes into his eyes, it is just so obviously staged that I find it hard to take. Now the food, it looks good and if they'd just cook I could handle it.

                              1. I love it
                                I love her
                                I love her husband
                                & think her kids are gorgeous

                                1. Love the title, Extra Virgin, but it would be great if hosted by a nun. Kinda like Wendy of the art world. Guess I have a warped sense of humor...

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                                    Warped sense of humor, yes! Wendy of the food world would be great.

                                  2. I love the entire format of the show. They're an entertaining couple - very interesting to watch and the food looks good. I like how they pay attention to the sourcing of products.

                                    When a show makes me consider the possibility of a chicken coup on my balcony, it must be good.