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Feb 3, 2011 03:22 AM

Barbados - Naru Restaurant

I'm a little late in posting this as we were there October 2010, but here goes. For all you fans of Barry Taylor (former Executive Chef at Southsea), NARU is Barry’s new restaurant. Barry is still cooking & has some fabulous new dishes for his Asian Fusion menu. The front of the house is run by Barry’s wonderful wife, Lisa. They are a dynamic duo.

Barry & Lisa told us they had been open 7 weeks when we first visited mid-October, and already I can tell this will be a hot new spot on the island. Naru is located at the Savannah Hotel in Hastings on the south coast. It’s in the spot the former restaurant Boucan used to occupy.

Barry has always been creative with his food, and he has an exciting new fusion menu that is attractively priced. The concept is small plates meant to share. We sampled 8 small plates that evening - all delicious. Some of things we tried included: potato soup, poached shrimp, pork salad, buljol, chicken 2 ways, red snapper and chicken.

Lisa told us they have a “waterfall” bar downstairs, and this winter they plan to open a huge sushi bar upstairs. They are in their early stages of decorating the restaurant -- all very attractive with reds being the primary color.

If you would like more details and to see some photos, check out my website at:

I also have reviews of lots of other island restaurants with some helpful information. I keep all information very current - part of the reason I started the site.

Lois Swanson

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  1. Lois, on your suggestion we did go there when we were in Barbados last week. Had a wonderful meal there....our best of the trip. Every item we had we enjoyed. Wish we had gone in the beginning of our trip so we could have gone again. We had the steak which was to die for, grilled shrimp and snapper as well as a side of wasabi mashed.....can't wait to go back.

    1. Lois - I have a reservation for next week. Given the dishes are more tapas style, what were the prices like, and would a single male diner need 3 or more dishes to make a meal?


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        2 dishes would be fine.....2 of us had 3 and a side plus 1 dessert and it came to around $100 US

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          Thanks you for this information, going next week as well, and have made reservations for Naru.
          Other recs?: The Tides, Daphnes? The Cliff?

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              We just got back and Naru was exceptional. So exceptional that, in our week-long visit, we went twice. Everyone (me, wife, 17 year old son) rolled their eyes in complete and utter delight with the dishes served. My son thought he had nailed, on our first visit, the universe's best desert: the 3-way banana delight. My wife didn't join us that night and my son and I went on and on to our waitress about how wondrous this desert was. When we returned, with my wife, the waitress called my son and I out as the "Banana Boys". Let me tell you: my wife's choice of the fried custard desert aced the banana desert...I have no idea how to describe this as the texture and taste of the item is beyond my words...I'd just say that if my mouth was designed to most supremely enjoy one desert dish, then I'd be hard-pressed to find a better suited dish.

              We ended up paying Naru the ultimate compliment: we wished it could be scooped up and moved to near our home.

              Mullins Beach Bar is a haul from the other places when traffic is bad. And during our stay and during our visit to Mullins, traffic was bad. That significantly dampened our enjoyment of Mullins. Oh, and Mullins taking easily 45 minutes to deliver lunch for the three of us probably had something to do with us NOT enjoying Mullins.

            2. re: dennisl

              Depends where you are staying. Mullins is great if you are on the West Coast. I am staying on the South at Accra and have reservations at Champers and Tapas along with Naru. I have ate at Champers several times and never been disappointed. Also, like Josefs in the SLG.

              1. re: mramage

                If you have a car...nothing is very far. We stayed on the South Coast and went to the West Coast for the day and had a wonderful lunch at of our best, right after NARU. We also ate at Champers...nice location and excellent appetizers..entrees were just OK, but you can't beat the view. Don't miss Friday night at Oistins for fish and Just Grillin for a flying fish sandwich. We also ate great at The Caribe betweren the Gap and Accra. Nice beachfront location.

                1. re: ncara

                  I only recommend Mullins at night - for a great dining experience. During the day it is a typical beachside restaurant.