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Feb 2, 2011 10:25 PM

So Will The Bay Be The City's Next Big Buzz?

I both do and don't remember there being a restaurant in the Bay since it's so tied up with Eaton's in my withering memories.

Perhaps other posters here recollect eating @ The Bay-maybe even what was served!

I wonder if this company can really turn things around-is anyone familiar with their operations?

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    1. re: DylanLK

      Considering the Bay sells a host of non-food related items, and has been quite successful in rebranding itself with respect to that part of their business (ie the main part of their business) since Brooks has been at the helm, I would say yes.

    2. The dinner I've had at Oliver & Bonacini in Waterloo (Conestoga Mall) was not particular inspiring. It was definitely reminiscent of the more upscale chains we have here (Earl's, Cactus Club) instead of the ones that usually pepper the Ontario landscape (Kelsey's, East Side Mario's), so I guess it's welcome to have such a place in Waterloo, but I just didn't find it anything special. O&B Canteen in Toronto had pretty tasty beverages from what I recall though.

      Now if we could get the food selection of Lafayette Gourmet (Paris) or Harrod's (London) in the Bay I'd be in heaven.

      1. It was a big deli/cafeteria format with cold cuts, cheeses, ready made items (ie: quiches, sausage rolls), ready-to-eat choices (meatballs, fried rice, cole slaw, chicken), bakery and pastry items, plus a separate beverages section. No foodie destination and the food is bland to my palate, but it was cheap enough, and had a homey sort of feel, esp. when most of the staff were middle-aged to almost-retired ladies that were like your moms.

        Is it still there ? Are they re-branding the entire outfit ?

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        1. re: LotusRapper

          Still waiting for a resurrection of The Malt Stop.

          1. re: fmed

            Oh, yes, The Malt Shop was where we had our weekly Saturday treat whenever the entire family piled into the car and headed downtown for shopping. We also used to eat at The Bay's Seymour Buffet, and thought it was so sophisticated to dine on roast beef, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, and jello cubes for dessert! Good times! :-)

            1. re: fmed

              me too-those malts were awesome!....I wouldn't be surprised if the resto in the downtown Bay got better. The rest of the store has greatly improved and I actually enjoy shopping there and buying wine from the little VQA shop in the basement. The girl working there is quite knowledgeable and they have free tastings of some pretty nice BC wines.