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Feb 2, 2011 09:04 PM

Trying to remember the name


Anyone remember the name of a very upscale restaurant on Montgomery Street (near Pacific) that was popular back in the 70's and early 80's. It was an old style establishment with big leather booths and "risque" paintings on the walls. Think the cuisine was primarily steak and/or maybe Italian.

Really appreciate the help if anyone remembers. Thanks alot.

- John

    1. re: Rapini

      I don't remember any risque paintings. Doro's was very elegant, very traditional. Red leather banquets, all male wait staff. I remember my first visit was before the junior prom when I was 16 (prom was at the Fairmont Hotel).

    2. The best known upscale restaurant in that area was probably Ernie's. Closed in 1995. Appeared in the movie Vertigo.

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      1. re: nocharge

        Ernie's was my thought too, lots of red-flocked wallpaper IIRC.

        1. re: hill food

          Thanks everyone. Doro's was what I was looking for.

          Anyone recall anything about the menu?

            1. re: jschembri

              I remember very good veal dishes and a wonderful filet of sole. Also, abalone was often on the menu in those days. They had great pasta dishes, as well. My most vivid memory is the dessert cart you passed by on the way into the main dining room--it was filled with large cakes that I think they may have gotten at Fantasia Bakery in Laurel Village. In fact, I know that one of my favorite chocolate cakes was from Fantasia because when I asked Don if I could buy a whole one, he told me to go to Fantasia.
              Occassionally, at lunch in the bar area, I would see Melvin Belli, whose office was next door, at the back corner booth with a bunch of guys and a table laden with more plates of food than there were people and multiple bottles of wine.

        2. You may be thinking of The Domino Club, which was famous for its gallery of kitschy nude paintings. It was on Trinity Place, however, near Sutter and Montgomery.

          1. Folks, since the poster has their answer, and the restaurant is no longer open, we're going to lock this now, before it heads down memory lane.