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Feb 2, 2011 08:47 PM

in need of an ice cream truck for sunday!

can anyone pleae tell me where i could find a ice cream truck that is up and running this time of year. i would like to have it at my super bowl party during half time.

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  1. odds of getting one are unlikely, but there is a place on Raleigh(street, drive, not sure?) located off of Birchmount north of Danforth Road, Ive driven by a few times and theres a building or factory that has like 3 ice cream trucks parked there and I think they store their ice cream and all that. I dont know the scale of the business, if its shut down for the winter or what, and I dont even know the name, but if you are in Scarborough you might want to drive by and see if theres someone you can contact.

    The majority of Ice Cream trucks in the city are owned by old greek guys, and they tend to work over the summer and go back to greece over the cold winter monthes. This is some damn short notice so I wish you the best of luck for what sounds like a great super bowl party. The thing is, if you were to even get a guy with an ice cream truck, you would probably have to pay big bucks, not your typical $2 for a cone. You might have to pay for gas, all the ice cream ingredients and maybe pay the guy just for coming out. I know if I was the ice cream guy, and I was shut down for the winter, I wouldnt do it for cheap.

    But, Money talks, so if you are a big spender, you can probably get what you want.

    Another worry is that im sure all these ice cream trucks are licensed by the health department, but maybe they only buy a seasonal permit, so they might not legally be allowed to sell food products right now...

    1. As already mentioned, you have little chance of finding an icecream truck now. Just the start-up and cleaning time would be huge.

      I suggest you buy a few of these and set them up:

      1. Wow, interesting request. Please do update with what you end up doing/finding!

        1. Off on a tangent, but other, possibly more viable, options would be Smoke's Poutinerie or a Tiny Tom Donuts machine. Just a thought, either would be as impressive as an ice cream truck, and I'm pretty sure both rent for private functions.

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            Tiny tom for sure. They were at a corporate party I was at a couple weeks back. They were really good... as long as you ate them within ten minutes :)

          2. Find someone with a street meat wagon willing to tow it into your 'hood. Probably get some business from the neighbors, too.