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Feb 2, 2011 06:37 PM

Are you a Tiger Mom of food?

Are you a Tiger Mom of food? No caving in to toddler's desires, no matter how hard they cry? No "i want only (fill in the blank)! Micky D's or fast foods, no nasty sweets .

Share how you cope. How your children cope. Are they allowed to eat "junk" when at a friend's?

Thoughts, please.

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  1. I wouldn't say I'm a tiger mum of food, but I certainly believe in providing a wide variety of foods and not taking any BS from my son (who's 6) when it comes to food. I try to provide meals for us all to enjoy, I don't believe in cooking 'kids meals' and he always sits and eats the exact same as what we have. When we go for dinner as a family (maybe once a week/fortnight) he's allowed to pick whatever he wants to eat (including horrid chicken nuggets, if that's what he wants) and he's allowed to pick a lemonade, juice or water to drink. I allow him to share junk food at a friends house - I don't see the point of him not enjoying that kind of moment with his friends.

    All in all I have found that meal times are fairly harmonious in our house. We do have rare occasions that he does not want to eat what we are having. Generally if I am making something I know he doesn't enjoy (he's not a big fan of salad - and neither was I at his age) I subsitute it for something nutritious that he does enjoy, like baked beans. If he's just being a stubborn, obstinate 6 year old I give him the option of eating or going hungry. I think he's chosen to go hungry twice and on both occasions he left the table quietly and went to bed without fuss.

    I have found trying to take a reasonable attitude helps - I don't see the point in forcing a child to eat something they don't want to. Children have so many fads, so when it's a 'no broccoli week' fad I quietly let it pass, keep offering it if we're having it and I find he starts eating it again on his own voilition. My work life is stressful enough without having to make my home life stressful, so I find this works for us, no coping skills necessary.

    And what it all comes down to us now I have a child who enjoys a wide range of foods and usually makes good choices from a restaurant menu. His favourite takeaway food is sushi, currently likes to order squid to eat when we're out and behaves gracefully when I ask him to try something he thinks he may not like (even if he spits it out not-so-gracefully). Yes, he still wants McDonalds on occasion, still asks for sweets when we're grocery shopping and thinks his nan who gives him bubblegum is the best. But he can also pick a beautiful punnet of strawberries, wants to learn how to make sushi himself and encourages all his little friends to try new foods when he's out playing.

    I'm not a tiger mum, but I don't think I've done too badly.

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      Our family operates very similar to what Huntress describes - no special meals, consistantly offer a broad range of healthy foods, no force feeding of on particular food just to prove a point.

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        reading this brought a smile to my face Huntress - sounds like your son is well behaved, polite and well rounded. i wish him success on his sushi making adventures!

      2. my experience has been that even though i was so inventive and actually had my young daughter loving healthful food,
        when she grew up (she is now 20) and got a boyfriend who only understands beef (mostly cheap ground garbage) and cheap processed food with phoney flavor and color and additives, all of a sudden, this is all she now understands.
        she even has lost her taste for fruit (which is heartbreaking since we live in California where good fruit is available all year long) because the boyfriend doesn't like fruits or vegetables.

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          westside.. Your daughter will outgrow eating that mess. Since you are on this site , I am sure she has grown up with good is probally just different taste for her.. I had a g/f familiy that ate fast food almost everyday..( i grew up on mostly nice restaruants and home cooked )... For first year, I LOVED it ..3 years later, I HATE that stuff all over again haha

        2. My kids are all adults now--but I lived by the famous words of my then-pediatrician, Dr. G. Lazarus: "There is no such thing as junk food, just a junk-food diet". In other words, moderation. If you never allow your child a cookie or baked good, they will go absolutely hogwire at some point. As such, my kids were extremely healthy eaters. A snack to my boys was soup and a sandwich My daughter loved brown rice as a snack. They had baked goods every now and then and every so often even mcdonalds. I never made a separate meal for them--they ate what I put on the table. Perhaps it is because they were involved in the meal prep since they were very young. I don't believe in making separate meals for adults and children. It is a family unit and as such, everyone should have a say in the meal planning.

          1. I am not a mother/parent or have any kids, But I watched my little cousins and was SHOCKED at how thier parents gave in to thier wants with food. I understand that not everyone will enjoy food at young ages...( i am 25 and just started to open up to alot of foods ) ...

            One thing with kids, they have to be taught to like or want something..... Little cousin never had red sauce on pasta,,, just didnt like color red, so parents made him a cheese sauce, to shut him up, he is 7!!!! I made it for him and now loves, it ..