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Valentine's Dinner Restaurant Needed - < $100

I have a reservation at Providence at 5:30PM. They haven't put the valentine's menu yet but I have a feeling that it'll be a splurge for me. I already planned a Couple's massage session at the nearby Le Petite Retreat Day Spa ($401) before hand so I don't want to double-splurge one after the other.

Do you have any recommendation on some of the relatively inexpensive budget-friendly romantic restaurants that also has that special ambiance to it? Preferably below $100 for the two plus the tip. Neither my GF nor I plan on consuming any alcoholic beverages (personal reason) so we will most likely order a couple appetizers, entree for each of us, and possibly a dessert if we have room left for that.

NO ASIAN FOOD PLEASE. We are Asians so we eat Asian food pretty much every day. We want to try something more up-scale and "special".

Thanks in advance!

Le Petite Cafe
26499 Jefferson Ave Ste F, Murrieta, CA 92562

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  1. Check out Cleo the new restaurant on Vine above Hollywood Blvd. - their. regular menu has a lot of small plates very reasonably priced, delicious middle eastern influenced food, cool old Hollywood vibe. As with any restaurant you should check to make sure they're not putting a restrictive (expensive) v-day menu in place

    1. I will definitely check on the Cleo. Yelp seems to have a good rating, but their Valentine's menu ($75 pp) is well above my budget range. I will try it out during normal days.

      I'm looking for somewhere that is.. .cozy. I'm not looking for those huge fancy extravagant restaurants that has multiple floor levels and rooms. The best adjective to describe what I'm looking for would be "homely". A place where when my gf enters the door, she'd let out "aww this is cute", instead of the "wow, BEVERLY HILLS!"

      The image I'm thinking of is a room that's as big as a normal living room with warm fireplace and ordinary pictures hanging on the wall, with fair amount of household furniture and goods surrounding the table.

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        I found a few that matches my preferences:

        1. Off Vine
        2. Favorite Place Restaurant
        3. Il Cielo (Though may be out of my budget range)

        Anyone care to leave some feedback for any of these restaurants?

        Off Vine
        6263 Leland Way, Los Angeles, CA 90028

        Favorite Place
        115 W Wilson Ave, Glendale, CA 91203

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          Try La Boheme in West Hollywood and ask for a seat near the fireplace, may be just what you are looking for.

        2. OpenTable.com has special Valentine's Day listings that may help you find what you are looking for with special menu info at this link:

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            I'm fond of Taste on Melrose. It's cozy and romantic, the food is always good, and the Valentine's menu at $55/person isn't too(?) out of your price range.

          2. i say skip the massage for $400..thats a lot! go to providence,,splurge there and then do something else other than a massage.
            i hear many people say high end massages are not worth the costs....but high end food is memorable and worth it. cant go wrong with providence

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              Well the policy for the spa place is that they don't do refunds - they just give you credit. Really stuck here...

              I looked at some other options for the evening event, and I'm actually very interested in spending the time at the Drive-in theatre. We can probably get some food to-go and bring some sparkling drink with chocolate and either picnic on the grass in front of the big screen or cuddle down in the warm seat of my car. Never really done it, so I'm not sure if my gf will really dig that sort of valentine's day. Sounds fun and "new", nonetheless.

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                well then....make the best of the massage...remember, i say that cause I am a guy!hahaha. i think the ladies enjoy the spa sessions more than us boys.
                another option is cooking classe in LA that does special valentines day classes. you learn to make dishes with your partner and eat it afterwards. do some searches online to find them.

            2. I agree , skip the 400 dollar massage. Go to a foot spa in the sgv for 25 at one of the nicer places and splurge on providence.

              1. Again, I can not skip the massage. The stupid place won't refund the charge - the most they said can do is to credit the amount for future. I've never seen a spa place that refuses to refund. Most spas just hold your c.c. info. just incase the client doesn't show up and does not cancel the appointment.

                Yeah, I'm stupid for making my decision so quickly, but spas fill up extremely quickly during the Valentine's weekend. When I called Tuesday, there only were two time slots available for Saturday, so I had to make a quick decision. Now I'm regretting it but plan on enjoying my experience there.

                With that being said, I'm very tempted to put aside the whole dine-in-restaurant idea and instead go to a Drive-in movie theatre and cuddle up with my girlfriend the entire night. The only thing I need help with is to find a restaurant that accepts a take-out order during the Valentine's weekend.

                I'm looking at the close-by restaurant such as the Water Grill. I can go for the supermarket (Gelson's seem to have some legit meal prep) but I prefer to use an actual restaurant for the take-out.

                EDIT: btw, I just cancelled my reservation at the Providence. $150 per person plus tax & gratuity (without the wine pairing) is absolutely outrageous. I'll probably book it for our anniversary instead, which is about three weeks after the V-day.

                Water Grill
                544 South Grand, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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                  You could get some terrific items from Mozza to Go if you want a picnic.

                  641 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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                    The only thing I need help with is to find a restaurant that accepts a take-out order during the Valentine's weekend.
                    look into some of the places that do picnic baskets/orders for the Hollywood Bowl:

                  2. If you decide to eat out, how about Osteria Mamma? It's very near the spa (on Melrose between Vine & Gower). Cozy, casual, delicious pastas well w/in your budget. THey are offering some special dishes on Valentine's Day, but no prix fixe menu so you can pick & choose & (w/out wine) have no problem eating well for under $100 all in.

                    Osteria Mamma
                    5730 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038