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Feb 2, 2011 05:42 PM

Sharp knives: do those who are into edges intimidate other folks? Knife addition?????

A post otherwise here made me ask this. I know I have knife-edge "Ausbergers". Meaning I beyond, love sharp. I adore knives, I have spend in relation to other needs to live items, absurd amounts on a knife I crave. Yes. I have sharpened Exo-blades.

I am addicted to sharp, OK ultra sharp. I want to look at the beauty of my knife, the balance, it's soul and know such a minor task as slicing a ripe tomato is child's play.

Schreeeeching stop!

Few of us share this ideal (but it does drive others out!).

So lets be kind and not say stuff like "your now knife cannot cut that?!?" And start to understand and move folks forward.

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  1. oh quine, i feel your reaching out, your desire to make us understand the pristine, idealistic -- nay, utopian, idea of knives. the platonic ideal of knives is your quest. i admire that.

    just bring us along gently. we will come to understand, i think. in fact, i know many of us will strive to do so. just consider that we are limited in our imaginations about how fine a knife can be, how it can fulfill so many desires, and lead to happiness and contentment with life.

    carry on, dear quine, carry on.

    however, if i ever see you on CSI, i will have to retract my post. ;-).

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      "however, if i ever see you on CSI, i will have to retract my post."

      Actually, I was thinking Dexter...

    2. I think you may be talking to me because in another post I wrote "Unless you are peeling a tomato, your Chef's knife is exactly the right tool for cutting a tomato" -- an idea I still stand by. Now, a Chef's knife may not be sharp enough to cut a tomato, but it is not flaw of the design. A Chef's knife is designed to able to cut a tomato.

      Now if you look at it from a different angle, don't you think the idea that I need to buy a special tomato knife to cut tomatoes seems just as scary to others. Imagine the other way around, if another poster wrote "I want to buy a Chef's knife to cut tomato" and I took on the opposite stance and wrote "No, you need to buy a specialized tomato knife" Is that really less scary?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. If your chef's knife can't cut tomatoes, you have a problem. I can shave with mine.

          1. Quine: I'm really not sure what your point is. You pose a couple questions in the title that seem utterly unrelated to the body of the post.

            From my perspective as a knifemaker and (relatively) recent arrival here on CH, the fervent group of knife and sharpening hobbyists who post here are extremely kind to folks, including newbs. I've actually learned a lot from them. They are very free and giving with their knowledge and recommendations, and in many cases have suffered fools gladly and gently. I think it can be easy for someone whose sense of worth involves showing off his/her knowledge to be intimidated by being challenged by another who MIGHT have more knowledge. So my answer to your title's first question is "No."

            As to your second question, I assume you are asking about a separate knife board or sub-board. Personally, I PRAY to see a separate board for all things Le Creuset (so that I can avoid it), but the truth of the matter is that the Cookware board doesn't get enough new daily postings to be bothersome and a burial detail (like the General and Home Cooking boards have become). AND, many of the "knife Mafia" here make regular contributions to Cookware that are either dehors from knives or concern their cooking with them. To the extent CH wants a plebiscite on this question, my vote is to keep knifes in Cookware.

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              +1 on a Le Creuset/Dutch Oven Forum

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                You two really have a good sense of humor.