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Feb 2, 2011 04:44 PM

Dinner/drink options -- downtown PHX -- near convention center

Will be staying at the Hyatt Regency at 122 N. 2nd Street and looking for a good place for a few drinks and a good dinner with a coworker -- trying to avoid chains and tourist traps. Good food, good drinks, casual and a good place to hang out for a while. Any recommendations?

Not concerned with price or cuisine. Appreciate your recommendations.


BL - DC Hound

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  1. Best options with a few blocks of the PCC and the Hyatt:

    Nobuo at Teeter House -- Japanese tavern from Beard award winner Nobuo Fukuda. Nice selection of beers, sake, & wine with hot and cold small plates meant for sharing. Two can have a good dinner with a drink each for about $75.

    District American Kitchen -- popular restaurant in the ground floor of the Downtown Sheraton. Good modern takes on classic American foods with an all-American wine and beer list

    Hanny's -- bar foods (sandwiches, thin-crust pizzas, salads, etc.) and classic cocktails, along with a good wine list


    A little farther to the north, but still within a half mile walk:

    The Breadfruit -- Jamaican food with an adjacent bar specializing in dozens of different kinds of rum

    Sens -- Asian tapas; lots of sakes and cocktails on the menu


    too far to walk, but accessible by taking the train a few stops north to Midtown or Uptown:

    Durant's -- classic steak-and-seafood place that oozes old school retro charm

    St. Francis -- American contemporary food with an emphasis on oven-roasted foods

    Nobuo at Teeter House
    622 E Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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      Thanks exit for the recommendations. Anyone else?

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        +1 for exit2lef's suggestion for Nobuo ... here's a review in the local newspaper from mid-December from the top local food critic, which gave it five stars (something they've given to very few local restaurants) ... looking forward to dining there soon (it just opened recently, but the chef was a local star at his earlier restaurant) ...

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          Districts foods isn't the best but is a cool layout and the bar area is funm noobu has great drinks the dinner menu imo is overpriced but lunch menu has good valu but I am the minority on that one it seems like

          If u go to noobu make sure to get a devils haircut