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Where to buy New England Hot Dog Rolls in Wilmington Delaware area?

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Anyone know of local stores selling New England style hot dog rolls?

New England Hot Dog
3681 US Highway 9, Freehold, NJ 07728

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  1. Wegman's sells them, although they aren't in Wilmington...probably closest is their Downingtown location.

    1. Super G has Pepperidge Farms New England hot dog rolls.

      1. Serpes Bakery in Elsmere makes all kinds of rolls, they probably have what you need.


        1. Please educate me -- what is special/different about New England hot dog rolls?


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            They are split on top and have no crust on the sides. The sides can be toasted to good effect. Lobster rolls go in them.

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              Thanks. I've seen them before, but never knew the proper name...

            2. re: jks19714

              I've seen these made at home before. Just a short (low) loaf of bread where every other slice was only 3/4 through.

              Like I said, home-made, but had the same effect.