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Feb 2, 2011 03:05 PM

Kabocha Squash--Where to Buy?

I live in Dupont and looking to buy kabocha squash. Does anyone know where they have it, as in have they ACTUALLY seen it in the produce section? I didn't see it at the Safeway on 17th (surprise, surprise). Do they sell it at Harris Teeters on 16th St in AdMo? Giant in Columbia Heights? Safeway on 4th and L St? I'm looking NOT to get it at Whole Foods if possible (have my reasons), and don't plan to travel too far (please don't suggest leaving NW, crossing District lines, etc). Thanks!

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  1. I did this hunt at Christmas. The teeter had nothing, whole foods had only butternut. On a whim, I stopped at yes organic market on 14th and V and they actually had quite a few. I'm not sure of their stock now, but give it a shot.

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