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Feb 2, 2011 02:02 PM

Bratwurst in Westchester for Super Bowl Party

As we usually do, we are serving regional foods from the participating team at our Super Bowl party on Sunday. We were hoping to serve bagels, pastrami and cheesecake but sadly not this year.

Apparently Bratwurst are very big in Wisconsin so we'd like to do those but a website on the subject was very dismissive of the Johnsonville Brats. Anyone know where to find fresh Bratwurst? Already tried Fairway. Wondering about Stew Leonard's... I don't hardly ever go there but recall the massive amounts of meat so perhaps...

All help is appreciated but obviously limited on time so no mail order suggestions please.


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  1. If the pork store in Port Chester is still around they would have it.

    1. Although not fresh, Whole Foods' bratwurst is very good and voted best bratwurst by the San Francisco Chronicle food section:

      1. If you have the time to make the trip the Forest Pork Store in Huntington LI has the best of everythng German. My huband makes the trip about once every couple of months and it is well worth it!

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          If you can get into the City, the Schaller & Weber store on 2nd Avenue between E. 85th and 86th will have them.

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            Karl Ehmer in Yorktown Heights

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              Didn't know there's an Ehmer's in Yorktown--good news. And here's a link to a fairly recent Westchester Mag article about local pork stores, delis, etc. that might be useful:

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                ditto Schaller & Weber. Our German au pairs really liked their brats. Next time when you have more notice, there is a great German butcher Dietrich meats In Pennsylvania which will ship to you.

            2. Trader Joe's has what appears to be fresh version, tho I've never tried them.

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                I found great fresh bratwurst at Who's Cooking in Croton Falls. It's in the train station. They make all their own sausages. They don't have the bratwurst all the time, but if you call before you go, they might make it for you.

              2. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions. Unfortunately I'm in So. Westchester and had no time this week to go north or south to the city. Stew Leonard's in Yonkers did not have them. I'm checking Trader Joe''s and the pork store in Port Chester today per chowdom and Westjanie and if not will have to resort to Johnsonville, not as chowish per the Wisconsonites but heck, no one will be the wiser except me.