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Feb 2, 2011 12:50 PM

Making stock in advance


I want to make a vegetable stock tonight in prep for two dishes i'd like to make 2 days from now. Usually when I make stock I either use it right away or freeze it, but since I'm using it two days from now I'd like to just stick it in the fridge - has anyone done this before, will it still taste fine two days from now? I imagine it should be a-ok but just want to make sure.


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  1. No problem, it will be fine.

    1. Totally fine! Will last at least 5 days.

      1. Have some sitting in the fridge since Sunday. If I don't use it for soup tomorrow, I'll freeze it, but I'd have no problem w/its being in the fridge a week.

        1. As long as it is covered well to prevent flavor transfer from other foods :) it will be as if you had just made it :).