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Feb 2, 2011 12:37 PM

Rosemary's still up to snuff?

been about 6 years since I've been to Vegas...had a fabulous meal (the $55 prix fixe) at Rosemary's, are they still worth the $25 cab ride from the strip?

thanks in advance

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  1. I would say no. Rosemary's quality is likely not much different than 6-years ago. There are now likely a dozen or so places on the Strip which offer equal if not better "value". For this reason, I can't justify the $25 each way cab ride. If you have a need to get off the Strip or a general distaste for the Strip (groovin?) then Rosemary's is one of the better options in town. Rosemary's has somewhat of a fanatical following, so I'm sure you'll soon hear much louder voices than this one to the contrary momentarily.

    1. There are CHers on this board that swear by it. As a local, I supported it for many years until a series of increasingly mediocre dinners and service drove me away three years ago. For my money, I have a lot more options now than I did a long time ago when Rosemary's first opened.

      1. climber...please share your opinions on places of equal or better value on the strip...thanks

        mtngirl...also please share your other options...thanks

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          If you are looking for an off-Strip place then I would recommend Todd's Unique in Henderson or Marche Bacchus over Rosemary's. We have dined at Todd's and MB numerous times and never been disappointed in with the meal! We dined at Rosemary's once - enough said!

          On Strip I would recommend Charlie Palmer's "Cut of the Week"; $48 for three courses with bottomless wine with the first two courses. If that doesn't intrigue you, perhaps a look at "A Taste of Wynn" menus will. As noted by Climberdoc, there are many options in town....

          Marche Bacchus
          2620 Regatta Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89128

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            yes Charlie Parker's cut of the week is on my must try list...thanks

        2. Our last meal at Rosemary's was New Years Eve and we had our best 5-course tasting menu there so far out of about 5 visits over the years. It might be not the most exciting and creative cuisine in Las Vegas but it will be hard to find anything in LV on that quality level for such a "cheap" price.

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            Whenever I'm in town, I go to Rosemary's - an average of twice a year since it opened. And I've never been disappointed. Imaginative twists on a traditional menu (even in the bar), first-rate execution, solidly consistent. Better value than most anything you'll find on The Strip. But if you don't feel like travelling that far from The Strip, Todd's Unique is, in my view, a junior version of Rosemary's. I try to get to Todd's as well when I'm in Las Vegas. Smaller than Rosemary's, same good service, somewhat lower prices, slightly offbeat menu with occasional Asian twists - and maybe a 15-minute drive southeast of The Strip. No corkage charge on Wednesdays. Todd has a particularly deft hand with fish and seafood dishes.

          2. Save yourself the cab fare and take the bus. It drops off right there. Based on my recent visit, Rosemary's still delivers on all counts.

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              Or you can rent a car and drive - that's what I did in December. Rosemary's was great. And if you drive a few more miles west you can visit Red Rock Canyon State Park (not the casino) which is always worth a visit.

              Red Rock Bar
              1729 E Charleston Blvd Ste A, Las Vegas, NV 89104