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Feb 2, 2011 12:25 PM

Birthday Party in New Haven County or Fairfield County?

Any good recommendations on a nice restaurant that could host a (surprise) 30th birthday party for 20-35 people? I am looking for a place that has great food and good service - price anywhere from $30-$100 per person, adults only. He really likes Italian, but I'm open for pretty much anything. I would prefer a place that has a private party room or at least some place off to the side where we could have the party.

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  1. 55 Wine Bar right near the train station in Fairfield has a great set up for private parties of that size. There is a downstairs (main level) bar and then you walk up to a dining room but then up another flight is a room that can be closed off with big velvet curtains.

    I ate there at Christmas and it was cozy and the party up on the upper level looked fantastic.

    Food is Italian and very worthy - we had some great appetizers - shrimp and grits, grilled calamari - with great martinis. I had the special that evening which was one of the best racks of lamb I have ever eaten.

    The downstairs bar is a little over crowded and I didn't enjoy it but the rest is a thumbs up.
    Ask about parking for your guest is you decide on it though - it is VERY tight there.

    55 Wine Bar & Restaurant
    55 Miller St, Fairfield, CT 06824

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      X2 - the place is actually called 55 degrees, and it is awesome. If your gathering is on the weekend or late enough in the evening, you will be able to park in the train station so spots won't be a problem.

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        Not to throw a wrench in this, but I remember awhile ago someone asking the same question and when they looked into 55 Degrees, the minimum cost was outrageous. I could be mistaken, but you might want to search the board to find the thread...
        Paci also has an open 2nd floor spot. We had a party there a few years ago for about 25 people...might be tight for 35...but good food. Pricey also...

        Paci Restaurant
        96 Station St, Southport, CT 06890

    2. New Haven (City) has so many good restaurants! For a group of that size, I'd recommend Kitchen Zinc. They have innovative and awesome food; I'm 99% sure they have a private room. We took my parents there and they loved it. L'Orcio is Italian and has a private room that accommodates up to 45 people (according to their website) but I've never actually been there. Caseus is a personal favorite but you'd have a hard time getting that many people in there- I don't think they have a private room available.

      806 State St, New Haven, CT 06511

      93 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT 06510

      1. Leon's in New Haven. They have different areas and a private room upstairs. Very good Italian. Authentic dishes and very good service. Ask to see Eddie V.

        1. My vote is for L'Orcio. Excellent food, reasonable prices & top notch service. New Haven's best!

          806 State St, New Haven, CT 06511