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Feb 2, 2011 11:23 AM

wineries close to the city?

Hi there,

Anybody have any recommendations for wineries that are closer to the city? Like within a 30-45 minute drive?

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  1. I think you are going to have to look a bit farther afield. I may be wrong but going south into Santa Cruz hills and Gilroy, or north to Napa and Sonoma it will be an hour and a half plus drive from the city.

    1. This site has a good list, though it doesn't have everything as it looks like Rock Wall is missing. If you want to sample spirits and wine, St. George (aka Hangar One) and Rock Wall are just about next door to each other.


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        Petaluma also has a few places. Other than that I think the Sonoma wineries (near town) are the closest ones to visit (Buena Vista, Sebastiani etc...


        Probably an hour to the town of Sonoma.

      2. Actually there are some options just across the bay in Alameda. You can even use the ferrry to get there.


        Also a Vodka distillery
        Hangar One

        1. There are over 25 in the East Bay. You can find info on most of them here:


          Several others (Donkey and Goat is my personal favorite):


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            Good Point. I actually keep forgetting about the Livermore Valley. Ruby Hills and Wente are out there.....

            No comment on which are best to visit. Simply speaking of location....

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              Livermore's an hour or more from SF. The places I linked to are in Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, and Emeryville.

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                Yes, you had a great list. Just adding more options since the first response suggested 1.5 hours to any wineries. And the OP may want that winery hopping - rolling hills experience..... they did not really provide much detail except distance...

          2. From the Golden Gate Bridge, you can get to the lower Sonoma Valley in 45-50 minutes and the town of Sonoma is another 10 minutes beyond. It would be worth you while to spend the extra time as the number of wineries available to visit increases substantially. The scenery gets a whole lot better as well.

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              Kastania Vineyards is just off of Highway 101, south of Petaluma. It is about 40 minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. I have never tasted their wines.


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                Exceelent point.
                I moved from the city to Sonoma this past summer and make the commute back and forth often. It rarely takes me more than 50 min, from Lombard to my front door (and I'm on the Springs side of Sonoma).
                Totally worth the drive, and picturesque as well, once you get off 101.
                Give Viansa and Jacuzzi a pass and go just a bit further, it'll be well worth it.