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Feb 2, 2011 10:27 AM

has anyone tried the restaurant on Broadway & 6th in SM?

There's a new restaurant across the street from RAW - I've driven by a few times at dinner and it always seems full. has anyone tried it? (I can't see the name of the restaurant when driving by).

Thanks for any thoughts Chowhounds!

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  1. You're referring to Hostaria del Piccolo and I haven't seen any reviews here yet as far as I can recall.

    Hostaria del Piccolo
    606 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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      I drove past this the other night wondering the same thing and couldn't see a name. Thanks :-)

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        westsidegal has posted about their DineLA and seemed to enjoy it very much.

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          i've reviewed their dine LA lunch and have returned three times.
          FDB also reviewed it in the same thread as mine and as a result of his review tried the CRISPY HOT RAVIOLI WITH APPLES for dessert the second time i went. Fantastic dessert.

          here's the link to both of our reviews:

        2. Hi Everyone,

          Well today I drove by and sure enough, they finally put a the name of the place in front!

          As you all now know, its caled HOSTERIA del PICCOLO.

          I went there for lunch and thought I'd share a review.

          They offer a $16 3 course lunch deal that all of us took advantage of. My friends had the salad (fine, pretty, whatever) but someone had the "grilled ricotta with mushrooms" which was absolutely divine. I had the friend pig's ear - and we all loved it. Super thinly sliced, deep fried until brown and shatters between your teeth...served with a tart salsa verde.

          We all had pizza - I had the Regina, which had fresh mozarella and basil - it was beautiful, delicate, and delicious. Not as thin crusted as Angelina Osteria, but still pretty thin. They don't have red pepper flakes, but offer a hot chili oil that comes in a tiny bottle and eye dropper. Really nice flavors, delicious cheese....very good.

          One of my friends ordered the two wackiest things on the menu - a pizza loaded with hot dogs and french fries, and for dessert, a strawberry and coconut pizza.

          Both were meh. Just novelty items. I wouldn't bother with those. The dessert pizza came very late too. A non-sweet pizza dough topped with fresh strawberries macerated in a little sugar and lemon. The fruit was very fresh and that was nice...but it was on top of pizza dough. SOmeone said it tasted like a grown up pop-tart. Could barely taste the coconut.

          The rest of us had the dessert options that came with the $16 lunch course - which was pumpkin custard with zucchini blossom sauce, cream puffs filled with marscapone, and deep fried apple raviolis....all delicious. The zucchini blossom sauce sounded so intriguing - but it tasted just like a custard sauce to me.

          The dining room had a very nice vibe, great service, unpretentious - I'm definitely going back and very interested in trying their other dishes. I think I'll go there for dinner next time, but the lunch is a great value and I definitely recommend it!

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            I really like this place too.
            Love that hit of chili oil in the dropper too.

          2. Ah, here are the pictures we took...

            1. Just wanted to update that I went back there for dinner Saturday night. It wasn't too noisy at all and overall, the food was good. However, dinner is a TERRIBLE value. The appetizer for dinner was the same size as lunch (that was part of the $16 3 course lunch deal), and the bill came out to $250 for 4 people - with no wine. Afterwards, my hubby said "That was delicious...but I'm still hungry." It doesn't seem right that one should pay that much money and still go home hungry (he had the fish, and 2 side veggies....which cost around $35....while the zucchini was delicious, it was probably half a zuchini - grated into strands).

              Other than the $16 lunch deal ,I wouldn't go back at all!

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                Since petite portions (especially for high prices) is probably my number one pet peeve that eliminates this place from my list of "need to tries"...Thanks for posting.