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Feb 2, 2011 09:02 AM

rice noodles? and chicken?

So I am snowed in at home today and trying to come up with something that I can make for dinner without leaving the house. I have rice noodles and chicken that I could use as well as a bunch of other pantry staples. And thoughts? I was thinking some sort of teriyaki or sesame noodle? Any good marinades? Thanks!

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  1. Got any peanuts or peanut butter?

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      1. re: jvanderh

        I do have peanut butter but no peanuts.

        1. re: lmuller

          I'd have to make some peanut sauce! Got any coconut milk, hot peppers, or soy sauce (or jarred terrayaki/oyster/etc?) Any garlic?

          1. re: jvanderh

            I have soy and teriyaki and sesame oil. No coconut milk or peppers though

            1. re: lmuller

              You can totally finagle some peanut sauce out of that!

      2. Chicken soup with the noodles - pho ga

        1. Wide rice noodles? Chicken chow foon! :)

          What did you end up making?

          1. Break the rice noodles up into short lengths and fry them in about an inch of hot oil until they puff. Don't let them get brown.
            Remove from hot oil, drain on paper and cool.
            Boil some chicken in ginger and cracked black pepper, remove when done and cool, then shred.
            Combine with shredded lettuce, chopped scallions, some chopped peanuts (or toasted sesame seeds and/or toasted chopped almonds) and toss all that in a vinaigrette made with white vinegar, salad oil, salt and a bit of sugar. Adjust to taste.
            Use the water from boiling chicken to make a light cup of soup to accompany this main course.
            Serve with warm toasted English muffin.