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Feb 2, 2011 08:40 AM

6 burners vs. 4 + griddle

I am remodeling my kitchen and have been researching 36" gas ranges for what feels like forever. Everyone gives me contradicting opinions on the best brand. I really like that the Wolf allows you to simmer on all burners and feel it gives me the most flexibility. However, I'm not sure their price tag fits into my budget. Also, when I was researching I was sure I wanted six burners. However, several chefs have recommended 4 burners and a griddle. Does anyone actually use a griddle on their range/cooktop? All opinions and recommendations are most welcome.

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  1. I purchased my cooktop 5 years ago after what seemed like a ridiculous amount of research. I went with 36 in. DCS (now owned by Fisher and Paykel) 4 burner with griddle. All burners have 17,500 BTUs with 500 BTU simmer. We love the griddle and use it all the time for pancakes and grilled sandwiches. I don't use it for bacon because it is too messy to clean. I remember when it was delivered, I had buyers remorse about the griddle. It didn't take long to see that I made the right decision. I cook and entertain quite a bit and never once wished I had the 6 burners. ENJOY and good luck!

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      Are you happy that you chose DCS? It is the brand I am now considering. Thank you for confirming that all burners burners go to 500 BTU. Their literature is not 100% clear and they state that it goes to 140 degrees (which I wasn't sure how that converted to BTUs to compare to other brands).

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        Yes, I am happy with DCS. Great heat distribution and easy to clean. The simmer setting does a great job. Gentle even heat. I liked the Thermador but it makes a clicking sound while on simmer! I think it would drive me mad! :-)

    2. The only negative about the griddle have to clean it if you use it.

      1. I have a 6 burner...I also have a 12 in round cast iron griddle, plus a rectangle cast iron griddle that fits over two burners...Both get regular use...are easily cleaned and stored. So yes...I used griddles almost daily....I also have 6 burners when needed.....


        1. I too would vote for the six can always use a griddle on top of them but you can't turn a griddle into burners. Now if you were talking about a grill, I might think differently.

          1. I would vote for 6 burners because I like the flexibility of being able to go back and forth. I would get one of these, and you can get even 23x23 over 4 burners.


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              While the top of stove griddles appear to work well, they are nothing compared to the in-stove griddle, in my humble opinion. I've had both and the stove griddle is wonderful. Beautiful even browning, no hot spots...Fabulous! As far as the grill, it causes a great deal of smoke! I have a very powerful hood, but when I use my grill pan, I have to turn it way the heck up, making for a very loud environment. Again, this is my opinion...just trying to present all sides to the OP.

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                Oh yes, it does create a lot of smoke but that's what the fans for and grilling is usually quick. I'm not saying I'd pick either one over 6 burners, but I know for sure I wouldn't use the griddle often.

                1. re: escondido123

                  Great point. Keepemfed should examine his/her habits! Not for everyone!

                  1. re: pesto

                    Yes, I think this is very true. When I first started looking at ranges I had no intention of getting a griddle. Only after speaking with chefs did I start to consider one. However, I am not a chef and my kitchen is not a restaurant. While we do make pancakes, french toast and toasted cheese on the weekend, I don't think I have that much use for it otherwise. It does drive the cost of the range up by $350 and I think I could be a pretty nice stove top griddle for that money.

                    1. re: Keepemfed

                      Please make sure you let us know what you decide! Enjoy the process. You will not make a mistake.

                2. re: pesto

                  I think you could argue about what is the best griddle to cook on. There are many variables. Heat conduction would depend on the burners and what the griddle is made of. I have an aluminum overlay griddle and it is very even. I got it at a thrift store and it is not marked so I'm not sure what brand. I've heard people complain about uneven heat on some of the built in ones so it might depend on what brand of range you have. To me it would come down to how much you want a space dedicated to a griddle. If I used the griddle daily, I might consider dedicated griddle. The other thing is a portable griddle can be very heavy so that might be a consideration.

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                  I have a question about using a griddle that goes over the burners. If the two burners don't have the same BTUs, how do you adjust for even heating on the griddle?

                  1. re: CindyJ

                    That's exactly what you do, adjust them so you get an even heat. It takes a few tries, but it's not too difficult to get them close.