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Feb 2, 2011 08:36 AM

Sunday Dinner Help : Paris

I see that this question has been asked quite frequently - so I apologize in advance.

I require suggestions for a celebratory dinner on Sunday evening for a group of 7 women (in our early 30's). The celebration? A few women in the group will have participated in the semi-marathon de paris that morning.

Requirements are quite simple: hip/trendy and/or lively atmosphere, reservations can be made in advance, preferable stumbling distance to some nice lounges or bars for drinks after dinner.

Our other meals during the weekend will be at Spring, Le Regalade Saint Honore, and Le Relais D’Entrecote (or should we do Le Relais de Venise instead??? ).

Thanks everyone!

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  1. hmm no responses.
    Was it something I said? Or perhaps something I didn't say?

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      1. re: mangeur

        Thank you - I did search through previous posts but I didn't find the sort of restaurant I'm looking for.

        After a quick google search I came across Le Pompon and Le Fumoir ... anything else recommended along those lines?

        To give you an idea - while in NYC recently I enjoyed meals and people-watching at Abe and Arthurs, La Esquina, The Standard Grill ...


        1. re: Chowcouver

          Le Fumoir has a great atmosphere, celebratory indeed. But it is best to go there for a drink or three, and not for the food.
          The problem is Sunday. Stumps all of us.
          But Bravo with the run. You go girls !

          1. re: Parigi

            I also like Le Fumoir for drinks. Plenty of residents do eat there, as I noticed last time. In fact, the dining room was complete. The food looked fine enough, but not at all noteworthy. I suggest looking at You can search for Sunday openings there.