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Feb 2, 2011 08:30 AM

Chinese on upper westside

recommendations for decent Chinese, takeout or not, on the upper Westside, 90th - 96th streets, bet B'way and CPW.?

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  1. I can't think of anything in that small area. You might try Pearls on 98th & Amsterdam. We've had good food ordering in from them (we've never eaten there). (Note: it's pretty standard, but good, Chinese American and not anything spectacular.)

    796 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

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    1. re: LNG212

      Can you (or anyone) elaborate on what's worth eating from Pearls? The consensus seems to be that they are not great but they have their moments. I'm in a bit of a delivery desert and will take the best I can get. What I've read is above-average so far: dumplings and other dim sum, Shanghainese dishes, duckling with ginger.

      1. re: fatty_mouthfeel

        Never mind, figured out that even though Pearls' website says "Free delivery within a 3 mile radius", they won't deliver to me...even though I'm 2.4 miles away. Get it together, Pearls.

        Hopefully the new UWS Legends will deliver here, but I'm not holding my breath.

    2. I'll get grief for saying it but I like Ollies.

      * The fried rice with basil is good (can be a little greasy so I ask for light oil.)
      * Beef chow fun in black bean sauce
      * Several good dumplings

      just saw geographical part.

      Never mind

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      1. re: hambone

        Ollies to Go could work @89th and Bway. Thanks

      2. In short, no, and I doubt there is any decent Chinese food in that area (caveat: I admittedly haven't tried Pearls, which LNG212 recommends). However, we order from the new Grand Sichuan on 75th and Amsterdam and pay a $5 supplement on delivery. Their Sichuan food so far has been perfectly good, but I wouldn't order any American-Chinese food from any of the Grand Sichuan restaurants.

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        1. re: Pan

          I like Grand Sichuan's Sichuan food also, though so far have only tried the lunch specials. In particular, the sliced chicken with chinese broccoli combined a light delicacy in the main saucing with a build up of ma la (the peppercorn mouth numbing) that got increasing pronounced, in a pleasant way, as I continued through the meal.

          1. re: amstrgy

            I'm glad to hear you've liked the lunch specials. I tend to avoid lunch specials at Sichuan restaurants because, although some of the main dishes can be real, the extras they throw in tend not to be. I haven't tried any from this location.

            1. re: Pan

              Their lunch specials are not good (but I also don't like their regular menu stuff as well). It's the best (and I think only) Sichuan restaurant in the vicinity that will deliver to me which is why I order from them. Not sure where you're located to pay the $5 supplement. If you're south of the restaurant, I'd see if Szechuan Gourmet on 56th will deliver to you. If you're north, you're probably eligible for delivery at the new location of Legends (which sadly I'm not).

              1. re: Miss Needle

                In 2011, I was living at 97th St. and West End. I no longer live there.

          2. re: Pan

            Their hot and sour soup is pretty good.

            I like the eel with garlic sauce and the spicy sour cellophane noodle soup.

          3. Sorry, not much to choose from. The most upscale and popular (but why I cannot figure out) is Shun Lee in the Lincoln Center area.

            1. A little north (W.110th, just a door east from Bdway) is the new branch of Legends.

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              1. re: Steve R

                Interesting, you mean the Legend that's on 7th Ave now has another location on W 110th? They haven't even updated their website yet, as far as I can tell. How is it? Comparable to the 7th Ave location which I still have to get to

                1. re: uwsgrazer

                  Yes, the opening was all over the food blogs a few months ago. Some reviews here:

                  1. re: kathryn

                    Thanks kathryn. I was about to summarize my meal at the new place until I noticed that the thread you linked to has my post.

                    1. re: Steve R

                      Thanks kathryn, and Steve R for your review. I guess I'll check it out some time when I'm in the area anyway.

                      1. re: uwsgrazer

                        No big deal, but I believe it's on W 109th, isn't it?

                        1. re: Skippy1414

                          It is indeed on W 109 in the location that formerly housed Rack and Soul. I have not been too impressed with the few things that I've tried there, the double cooked pork, Chongqing Chicken, and another chicken dish that I'm not finding on the takeout menu I picked up. The vegetables have been good, string beans, sichuan cucumbers and mung bean jello (tears in eyes). Certainly a welcome addition to the neighborhood, but does not seem quite up to the level of some places, including their own 7th ave location, further downtown.

                          1. re: Alan Henderson

                            Just tried it last night. Tend to agree that it's not spectacular. Agree that the string beans were good. Pork dumplings in chili oil were pretty good and cumin lamb was a bit of a disappointment. Oddly, basic white rice was dried out and cold. I would eat here if I were nearby but wouldn't seek it out.