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Feb 2, 2011 08:22 AM

Italian Food in Paris?

Going to Paris for a week with my husband, is there a great Italian Restaurant in Paris, in case we want a change one night?

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  1. Great Italian in Paris will not be found; There must be many hundreds of Italian spots in the central core, so do a search near where you are staying. We like La Taverna, in the 7th, it's quite good but nothing like the great Italian restaurants in NYC, BOS or SFO.

    1. We are staying in an apartment in the 8th, and maybe will for go Italian! Thanks very much

      1. Pasta e Basta, on the esplanade des Olympiades. Sormani is not authentic Italian but is quite lovely. Heard very good things about Cibus, but haven't been yet.

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          "Great" I don't know, but L' Enoteca on rue charles v is good...but you're paying a lot for food that would cost you perhaps a quarter of the price on the other side of the Alps. Save your money and take the trip to Italy.

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            Guess we will give Italian a pass until we are there this summer! Thanks for the reply