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Feb 2, 2011 08:02 AM

The Ultimate : Buffalo Wings

Did anyone see this short article on Boston Magazine website ?? Are you kidding me ...

1) Boston Beer Works
2) Jerry Remy's
3) Champions
4) Squealing Pig
5) Lucky's Lounge
6) Game On!

Please ... Buff's Pub ... Wendells ... blow these away ... Please add your favorite .. What kills me is that someone got paid to write this little article .... Do your homework Maggie Brooks !!

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  1. Isn't Boston Magazine similar to the Phantom Gourmet? You need to pay to play.

    1. Neither advertise in Boston Magazine, thus they don't exist, regardless of how good their product is. Everyone knows that Boston Magazine is a joke.

      1. 1. Buff's
        2. Fat Cat
        3. the rest although I admittedly have not tried Wendells.

        Has anyone had the wings at Harry's on Comm Ave? I have heard more than a few people tell me they are worth a visit.

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        1. re: Gordough

          Harry's are great. Confit-ed then fried to order. Bar manager is a Buffalonian (sp?) and brought the real deal sauce recipes. No one else confits wings as far as I know, most bake first, or fry first. Also they are half price on Wednesdays.

          1. re: KilgoreTrout

            The Boston nachos blog also rates their nachos in the top 5 of a very long list.

            1. re: KilgoreTrout

              good to know. IIRC, the sauce is bottled Franks hot sauce and butter (not a tough recipe).

          2. Boston Mag food recs are about as credible as Phantom Gourmet. My favorite is Buffs, I dodn't care for Wendells. Comments here


            1. While Buff's is tops for me, I had wings at the Squealing Pig last Friday night and they were very good. Plump, crisp, sauce was spot-on; only compaint that a few were a bit dry. I like my wings both crisp and juicy and many establishments have a hard time striking that balance. Buff's does a great job, as does the Galway House in JP.

              Squealing Pig
              335 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

              Galway House
              720 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130