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Where can I find canning jars?

I'm in Santa Clarita. I've looked at WalMart, Big Lots and Target, to no avail. Having just moved back to Cali( after a 7yr absence), I dont recall if its just a seasonal thing. Maybe they are only availble in the summer. Anyone?

I like Ball brand.

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  1. Ball and Kerr are now the same company.

    Best bet - Smart and Final. They have them year round, at decent prices. Good things have also been said about Ralphs, but I have not checked the pricing there.

    (And yes, Big Lots used to have them seasonally, at great prices, but no more. That stopped maybe five years ago?)

    1. My local True Value (hardware store) carries both Kerr and Ball year round.

      1. Any True Value hardware store will have a complete canning selection. There's not really a "season" for these, because something or other is growing here year-round.

        1. I second Smart & Final. I've also seen them at Albertsons.

          1. We've bought them at the Super Wal-Mart in Canyon Country as well as Food 4 Less in Canyon Country.

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              I was just at that Wal Mart last night. They didnt have them. I'll check food for less and smart and final. Thanks.

            2. OSH has them for a pretty good price.

                1. Just bought some Kerr glass jars from Michael's (craft store) for 1.19 each plus tax. I'm going to use them to store my spices and legumes.


                  1. I just found them at Ralph's last week.
                    I think it was about $10 for a 12pack of 8oz jars.

                    1. Most supermarkets carry them, usually near the sugar, flour, spices, etc.

                      1. Ralphs in Granary Square on McBean has Ball canning jars. While you are there, stop by Dinks and get an egg bagel. You know you want one.

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                          Thanks, but I'll pass on Dink;s bagels. I make my own ( using High Gluten Flour bought at a distributor) and mine blow away any other bagel. I'm not an egg bagel fan either.

                          However, if you know where I can buy some great Jewish rye in SCV, please let me know!!

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                            Sorry, don't have the Jewish Rye scoop.

                            What are you canning?

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                              Not canning anything. I saw someone( on another blog) bake a bluberry struesel breakfast cake in the jars. It looked cool. I'll probably make some jam in the summer.

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                              Sorry, can't help with Santa Clarita but Continental Bakery in Valley Village @ Whitsett/Burbank and Bea's Bakery in Tarzana both have great rye bread if you don't mind a "short" drive.

                              Oh, and definitely OSH for canning supplies. I've always seen them at Vons too but for some reason, they put the jars on the shelf that one cannot reach without a ladder.

                              Bea's Bakery
                              18450 Clark St, Tarzana, CA 91356

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                                Bea's rye is good, but my favorite corn rye (the extra sour, silky chewy kind) can be found at Diamond Bakery, on Fairfax.

                                But you don't have to make the drive. Call your nearest Trader Joes and ask if they have corn rye (some do, some don't). If they do, you are in luck. In socal, diamond bakery supplies trader joes. They are presliced, prebaged - but still wonderful.

                                Diamond Bakery
                                335 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA

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                                  Bought the rye last night in Encino. Made an egg sandwich this morning on a toasted slice. FAB!! Thanks. Its a bit pricey though. I might have to learn to bake a rye bread next.

                              1. don't know if you have a Cost Plus nearby, but they usually stock them. and i actually just saw some at Bed, Bath & Beyond last week.

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                                  I saw them at Cost Plus, but I dont want to buy them singley. I want a case, more cost efficient.

                                  1. re: Calipoutine

                                    So go to Ralphs on McBean and buy a case. Puzzling to me that your specific question has been answered with certainty, yet this thread continues on.

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                                      Yeah, I know. Isnt it fun? I ended up buying a case at Smart and Final in WLA yesterday. I went down to Santa Monica for a DineLA dinner and stopped there. I asked 3 employees in the store for "canning" jars and I got the blankest looks. One person sent me to the candy aisle. Nevertheless, I got the Kerr jars for 8.35 for half pint( a case).

                                    2. re: Calipoutine

                                      well, for future reference, pretty much any store that has an item on the shelf will sell you a case of it at a discount. food, beverages, housewares...whatever. ask and you shall receive.

                                  2. Smart and Final. They carry them year round, have a great selection of sizes and you can't beat their price.

                                      1. re: deagan

                                        I FOUND THE JARS. Michaels only has them individually.

                                        1. re: Calipoutine

                                          Individually? What does that mean?

                                          1. re: deagan

                                            One at a time. I dont think Michael's sells them in a case. Nevertheless, I already bought them at Smart and Final.

                                            1. re: Calipoutine

                                              smart and final rocks for canning jars.