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Feb 2, 2011 07:42 AM

Where can I find canning jars?

I'm in Santa Clarita. I've looked at WalMart, Big Lots and Target, to no avail. Having just moved back to Cali( after a 7yr absence), I dont recall if its just a seasonal thing. Maybe they are only availble in the summer. Anyone?

I like Ball brand.

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  1. Ball and Kerr are now the same company.

    Best bet - Smart and Final. They have them year round, at decent prices. Good things have also been said about Ralphs, but I have not checked the pricing there.

    (And yes, Big Lots used to have them seasonally, at great prices, but no more. That stopped maybe five years ago?)

    1. My local True Value (hardware store) carries both Kerr and Ball year round.

      1. Any True Value hardware store will have a complete canning selection. There's not really a "season" for these, because something or other is growing here year-round.

        1. I second Smart & Final. I've also seen them at Albertsons.

          1. We've bought them at the Super Wal-Mart in Canyon Country as well as Food 4 Less in Canyon Country.

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              I was just at that Wal Mart last night. They didnt have them. I'll check food for less and smart and final. Thanks.