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Feb 2, 2011 06:46 AM

Favorites in Lincoln, NE

As a lifelong resident of Lincoln NE I realize that I am in a rut and I haven't been to a new place in a while...I love Parthenon, Mistys, Vincenzos, Fireworks but would love to hear what others have to say to "freshen up" my local dining experience.

Let loose and tell me what you like!!!


1818 N 144th St, Omaha, NE 68154

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  1. I haven't been in Lincoln for awhile, but Windchimes for Chinese was good and Howard's Pantry actually had good food. And lots of people love "The Oven" for Indian.

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      just ate at the oven this weekend...I agree...the one at 70th and Pioneers is kind of cool with its interiors.

    2. May be spending a lot of time Lincoln myself sometime soon, so I thought I'd bump this post back up again. Any one else?

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        I'm a huge foodie and it's been a few years since I lived in lincoln.

        Sheri Punjab (spelling might be wrong) right by city campus is solid. It's much better than the oven. For Mexican, I always liked super taco near 56th and holdridge. Great tacos. It's in an old blimpees next to a gas station. They serve them with a strip of nopales and a roasted pearl onion. If you're under 35, and hung over on a sunday morning, Virginia Traveler's Cafe on Cornhusker is the place to go. They also have an annual flea market. Sinbad's on 27th is really good too. Oh, and if you want to go to a really weird place, there used to be a Jewish and Salvadorian Grocery store and restaurant. Decent pupusas, but everything else was just ok. I have no idea if it is still open. It was near the Q. If you've never had a spicy z plate at Ali Baba's downtown, you truly haven't lived. If the man who used to own Aladdins (in or near havlock) is back in the States and has a restaurant, that is definitely worth a shot. That was some of the best middle eastern food I will ever have in my life.

        Sinbad's Restaurant
        2630 Orchard St Ste 3, Lincoln, NE 68503

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          This is great! Looks like I'm moving there for good soon, as it turns out, so please, any more recs will be hugely appreciated. I'm a lifelong SF Bay Area-ite, recently moved to Toronto, and now about to be transplanted to Lincoln, so I'm wondering what the food scene will bring me. Over 35, but only barely, so what makes Virgina's Traveler's Cafe age-specific? Do tell.

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            Well, Lincoln is a college town. My sister went to UNL, and I lived there for a bit after undergrad when I took some classes before grad school. Virginia Traveler's Cafe is kind of a low class place with decent diner food. The crowd for weekend breakfast/lunch is blue collar families and REALLY hung over college and grad students. I bought a belt that said Denny on the back of it at their annual yard sale. It's quite the place.

            Nebraska isn't very showy, so their aren't a lot of "fancy" restaurants in Omaha or Lincoln. The ones that are around are pretty cheap. I went to undergrad in Omaha and volunteered a lot around town in the arts. The girl I dated also worked at a local arts institution, so we got to know some CEO and board members of fortune 500 companies based there. I'd often run into them getting lunch at the same $6.50 Thai buffet I would be getting lunch at as a broke college student. (That place has new owners and is no longer amazing) Last summer, I took 5 friends back home with me. They were from Boston, Hong Kong, LA, rural KY, and Maryland. We went to some of my old hang outs in Omaha, and they all thought it was strange because everything cost 1/2 what it would in a big city.

            I thought I'd also add: Nebraska has a ton of Latin immigrants. Any hole in the wall Mexican, Salvadorian, Guatemalan, ect restaurants will probably be really good.

            If you want to do some exploring in the area, Schuyler, NE has some of the the best Latin food around. Rezac's cafe near Weston used to be amazing. I know folks that would drive an 80 mile round trip to go there. Omaha has two good Ethiopian places now. I think the one on Leavenworth is better. I got a variety platter there with a friend for $13 last fall, and we had leftovers. Plus they put a lamb shank on the middle of the injera that you picked at with your hands. Gusta Cuba in Omaha is definitely worth the drive too. La Buvette in Omaha is worth a stop.

            Rezac's Cafe
            2346 County Road K, Weston, NE 68070

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              Thank you so much!! I'm looking forward to trying all these places. I'm no restaurant snob, so the kind of stuff you've posted here is just perfect.

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                You've got me thinking about Nebraska. I did forget one great place. The haymarket in Lincoln has a NYC style deli owned by a professor. They bring their pastrami in from NYC. It's pretty good too. Not healthy, but good.

                Since you just moved to NE, you have to get a Runza. I'm not staying they're really good or anything, just unique. I remember in college my girlfriend was trying to describe them to her mom and brother. She used the term "German fast food."

                Does anyone know if Plato and his camera are still around at the CoHo?

      2. If you can get to Omaha, I'd say you have to try The Upstream Brewery. Go shop at Beertopia. They have a traditional German bar downstairs the Hueberhouse (I know I misspelled that!) The Natural Kind Cafe is my recent enthusiasm. Caffeine Dreams is the best lunch spot ever with a great choice of coffees, smoothies, teas made any way you like. Both cafes are great for restricted diets, vegans, locally farmed stuff, etc. All these places are worth the 30 min or so drive from Lincoln. And they're all on main streets a straight shot from Hwy 75 North that you'd be coming in in town on.

        Caffeine Dreams
        4524 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68132

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          Thank you - will definitely give these a try!