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Feb 2, 2011 05:41 AM

How do you make vegan-friendly Spanish tapas?

Me and my food-loving Brooklyn friends are getting together Friday for a Spanish tapas potluck. The thing is, we're two vegivore meat eaters, one ovo-lacto vegetarian and one vegan. How do you make a tapas that's vegan-friendly? Cuz when I think Spanish, I keep thinking pig. Like bacon wrapped around dates. I dunno, maybe almond-stuffed dates? Suggestions, please.

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  1. Olives. Roasted bell peppers on toasted bread. Small toasts rubbed with cut clove of garlic, with fresh tomato flesh smushed into it. Roasted cauliflower and garlic pureed with good Spanish olive oil and sherry vinegar -- makes a great dip or spread.

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      Thanks, that roasted cauliflower spread sounds yummy. I also found a recipe for red onion and orange salad with almonds, raisins and black olives.

    2. Pretty much any vegan appetizer will take on the taste of Spain with the addition of pimenton (paprika), sherry vinegar or saffron. One of the best tapas I ever had in Madrid was white asparagus drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with pimenton.

      1. Little plates of this spinach chick pea stew from Food and Wine would work. It's really good.

        1. There are some delicious mushroom based tapas recipes, too. Roasted and then simmered in a spicy, paprika laced tomato sauce, to serve with toast. I've also seen them stuffed with chorizo, but there is soy chorizo, which heck, I can't say I would recommend, but I do know it's made. I would go with the tomato sauce.

          Be sure to roast and peel some red peppers, or buy jarred piquillos. You can stuff them with tuna for the meat eaters, if you like, and serve them with olive oil and maybe some chopped shallot for the vegetarian and vegan. Chickpea salad, maybe with some marinated, grilled eggplant on the side, would be good. Potatoes with garlic mayonnaise. Salted, fried almonds and marinated olives to go with wine and/or drinks.

          1. Romesco sauce with roasted vegetables
            Fried eggplant drizzled with orange blossom honey
            Pan roasted Padron peppers
            Sauteed spinach and chickpeas with a dusting of smoked paprika
            Croquetas de patatas
            A lot of Spanish Lenten recipes will also be vegetarian-friendly