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Feb 2, 2011 05:38 AM

Kaffir Lime Leaves / Magroot

So apparently the USDA has banned Kaffir leaves. Anyone has experience with good substitutes? (I've heard lime zest + bay leaf...)

Or know where I can still get some (fresh or dried) - ie, seen them somewhere recently?

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  1. I was at Say Hi the other day, but didn't look for them. He usually stocks magroot - I think he just grows the trees himself.

    EDIT - I bought my own tree from Breed's a couple of years ago, but it froze last year. Previously, I had one in a pot for about 9 years. If it gets below 30 degrees, bring em inside.

    Here's a Minn St. Paul thread on the subject.

    1. I just bought some dried kaffir leaves at Savory Spice. I used them in the curry I made yesterday and they worked great. Savory Spice is at 1201B West 6th Street .

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        $2.50 / 1/8 oz, or basically 1 leaf (= $320 / lb) is a tiny bit steep...still trying to call around. I know CM used to sell it for $60 / lb (still high, but not so absurd).

        1. re: conquer

          Say Hi has them fresh and frozen. I just called the Thai guy that runs it - when I asked him how much, he said "same come look at them, OK?" Then we just said bye. He's a real character....I've been going in for years. His stuff is super dirt cheap. For a tiny little store, he has a lot of stuff in there. He used to always have szechuan peppercorns back in the day.

          No Credit Cards now, though. When I went last week, I didn't have any cash. He said "just bring it next time!" I got large bottles of fish sauce, oyster sauce, good soy sauce, several packs of ramen and other things for $13.

      2. I bought a small tree for about $5 at Shoal Creek Nursery a few months ago.