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Feb 2, 2011 04:22 AM

Greek wines -- looking for a specific one, yes, but more importantly who sells them?

Former Atlantan, now Montrealer, coming back to visit friends and family in about month. I dined at a much lauded restaurant here in Montreal and during the course of my meal, I had possibly the best glass of white I've ever had. Sadly, the SAQ (Selection d'Alcool Quebec; i.e., our liquor stores/control board) doesn't carry it because the owner of the restaurant gets it from private import. Research has determined the following factors:

a) the Ontario liquor control board doesn't carry it, so no 7 hour drive over to that border.

b) the nearest Vermont liquor/wine seller doesn't either.

c) I can order a case (!!!) directly through the restaurant, but that's more money than I want to spend.

I am going to give it a shot and look for it while I'm back home for a week, but I need to know, where in Atlanta could I possibly find it? Star Provisions, perhaps? Green's (which maddeningly doesn't have a search function)?

Any help would be seriously appreciated!

Oh, before I forget, the wine is a 2009 Biblia Chora Areti blanc.

Star Provisions
1198 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

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  1. I've had Cook's Warehouse order a few bottles of wine for me in the past that they didn't carry in their store. Another thought is Ansley Wine Merchants. Maybe they can order it for you and you can pick it up when here. Another idea is Kyma, the Greek restaurant in Buckhead. Maybe you'll get lucky and they have it.

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      Why didn't I think of Ansley Wine Merchants? D'oh!

    2. Ansley Wine Merchants don't carry the wine I'm looking for and even more tragically, were not particularly interested in helping me procure it. So much for lauding the manners of folks back home!

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        I suspect (with some regret) that you were not able to find that wine that you were looking for - but if you don't mind sharing, what was the name of the wine that you were looking for? I am on a quest (in Atlanta) to round up the better Greek wine bottles or to convince someone to import some of the hidden gems - of which there are many - instead of the trite selections that make it to the Atlanta market.

      2. Try Pearson's in Buckhead, too. Their service is excellent!