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Feb 2, 2011 04:13 AM

ISO Best French Onion Soup in the Center City

Looking for some new places to get French Onion Soup...tell me your faves!

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  1. I had the French Onion Soup at the Capitol Grill and it was the best that I ever had. I enjoyed it more them my steak and that was a damn good steak!

    1. Parc on Rittenhouse Square makes a mighty fine French onion soup.

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        Try the french onion soup at Ladder 15 is very good.

      2. Any updates? My wife has a serious hankering for a bowl of good French Onion Soup.

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          I know you are most likely looking for a restaurant, but (shockingly) this Rachel Ray recipe is super easy and tastes just as good as anything I ever picked up at a restaurant (instead of following her directions on the bread part, I slice and add the traditional amount). Love a good bowl of french onion!

          1. Parc's is artery clogging but delicious. Good King Tavern also has a really tasty version.