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Feb 2, 2011 03:36 AM

Watkins Baking Powder in CT?

Looking for Watkins Baking Powder in CT. I purchased my current tin at a xmas show in Milford last year and I am very impressed with its qualities over the major store brands. Has anyone seen it? Thanks!

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  1. Watkins has a great line of products (mostly natural & organic) They mostly have direct selling reps (like Avon & Amway) That is probably who you purchased from at the Xmas Show. I've seen a few of their products at Whole Foods (but not the Baking Powder) There are several reps who sell online.
    There is a representative in Massachusetts. You can find if there is a local rep by calling watkins direct (1-800-928-5467)
    P.S. Their gravy mixes are fantastic too !