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Feb 1, 2011 11:53 PM

going solo at movida

yippee! just booked a seat at movida for 2/14. yes, u read right: a seat, not a table. i thought i'd just pass along this tidbit in case anyone else wondered--as i did--whether one could actually make such a reservation (a seat for 1 at the bar). i imagined that i'd have to spin the wheel and show up early, see if i could score a seat, and, if no go, go next door like so many seem to do. still, the more i read about movida, the more i felt like i would be willing to trade off "adventure" points for "peace of mind" points. i also thought, as i perused the online menus, that movida had more to offer to my liking. incidentally, when i did a little simulation of orders at each, choosing 4 tapas, a racion, and dessert (but no drinks), the totals were EXACTLY the same: $50.50.

anyway, just a quick passing-along of info. i may be back to ask for some input or advice on my upcoming melbourne trip and preliminary plans for food & drink...


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  1. good work! make sure you order the beef cheek and cauliflower puree - you will not regret it :)

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    1. re: AussieBeth

      thanks for the reply. not sure about that dish (i'm a tad weak on cauliflower--and tomato, which means i'm on the fence about the tomato sorbet on anchovy)--BUT figured on the cecina and 4 or so tapas. it may be a bit meat-heavy, but so much sounds too good to pass up! any other recommendations/advice on the food and drink there?

      1. re: brian d

        From memory, the tomato sorbet doesn't scream tomato - it is more complex with sort of worchestershire sauce and basil flavours (i last had this about 2 years ago, so please correct me if i am wrong anyone). It is such a great dish - I would take the punt if I were you.

        1. re: AussieBeth

          thanks a lot for the reco. i figured i'd either give that dish (anchoa) a try or, if i chicken out, have at the mojama (tuna loin with milk and almonds)... mmmmm... or i COULD have both lol ... seriously, that's good to know, and since so many have mentioned it, i suspect that it would be fun to try a dish with "buzz" (i'm also hoping to score the cecina, that wagyu dish that so many people have raved about, among others)...

          i don't suppose u also have thoughts on pub dinner plans: i'm increasingly inclined to hit up the napier hotel, though the rose sounds nice, as well...



          1. re: brian d

            Afraid not - it is very rare for me to eat in a pub - not that I have anything against it, just that I tend to save up eating out occasions for fine dining and ethnic cuisines I can't cook myself.

            I can give you some great recs for cool bars with interesting cocktails etc though?

            1. re: AussieBeth

              sure, tho perhaps some of them are among the ones i've got in mind IF i find that i've got the $ to spend (damn, cocktails are expensive!):

              der raum
              golden monkey
              double happiness

              but reco away, beth. it's always good to have more input...!

              1. re: brian d

                Don't forget Black Pearl in Fitzroy

                1. re: kersizm

                  thanks, kersizm, i've heard of it... and a number of joints in fitzroy on or near brunswick street... although i expect to focus on cheap and beer/liquor-oriented (bimbo deluxe, a pub, plus maybe one more joint)... and perhaps a coffee in between...

                2. re: brian d

                  You have been doing your research!!

                  I would add New Gold Mountain

                  and Sweatshop

                  to your list.

                  For a more inexpensive experience, you won't stray too far wrong on/near brunswick street - lots of cool places with a nice relaxed sort of vibe.

                  1. re: AussieBeth

                    thanks again, beth! yeah, i tend to try to strike a healthy balance between ad libbing my way through the adventure of visiting a place and enjoying the research which builds anticipation while increasing the likelihood of hitting a winner!

                    UPDATE: just checked new gold mountain, which looked really nice... AND was surprised to find it at same address as double happiness! upstairs? i think that makes it more likely that i'll try to get there, and then i can even give both places a look, if i like (plus a couple more--loop, for example, if memory serves--are nearby!)...

                    1. re: brian d

                      Loop, Myers Place and Lily Blacks are all within stumbling distance of Double Happiness. On any given weekend one of those places will have the vibe you are looking for.