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Feb 1, 2011 09:25 PM

Stater Bros. Meat: What the Hell Happened???

When we were young in the greater Inland Empire area, we were told of Stater Bros., "It's the Meat that Made Us Famous". Our family would get nothing but Stater Bros. meat.
Well, for the last several years, when we get their meat, it is HORRIBLE. Tough, flavorless--
Tonight, we got a couple of T-Bones in one of their Colton stores.
Well, I'm just about flossing my teeth with this stuff-EEEK!!
I know you 'hounds know what's going on with their meat - what's happening? Or what's happened?
And where can I get better, more tender, flavorful meat?
(Full disclosure: We have very little money, and we are on a strict budget.)

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  1. frank's wholesale meat in san bernadino?

    you can also look for a mexican carniceria or halal meat market in your area.

    1. Stater Bros. has always used the lowest grades of meat, select.

      Also, I've noticed when Foster Farms chicken, which are suppose to be fresh,never frozen, is one sale, the chickens are frozen and/or thawed.

      This doesn't happen at Albertson's or Vons or Ralph's.

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      1. re: reality check

        Your delusional. We have tried all the local grocery stores and meat markets to try and get a decent grade meat. Stater Bros by a longshot has the best Ground Sirloin, 7% ground, Carne Asada, Andouille sausage, and cubed steak. Stater Bros is a bit more pricey so we typically only stock up there once a month and use Cardenas and food 4 less for the remainder of our groceries.

        Just finished a 3/4 lb sirloin burger as we speak. That is how I found this article by googling "What makes stater bros meat so good"

        1. re: ecoay

          Wtf what Stater Bros are you at where they have better meat than meat shops and other grocery stores? I was at the local one buying a battery and I overlooked the meats and it looked terrible. Whole foods by far has the best meat in term of markets, but local butcher shops tend to have the best. Usually carry aged meat, specialty cuts, wagyu, etc.

          1. re: ilykejordans

            "Stater bros is a bit more pricey"

            I'm going to guess that Harvey's Guss is not on their regular rotation.

            1. re: ilykejordans

              Stater Bros meat is not worth my caloric intake.

            2. re: ecoay

              You do realize you have replied to a post of over 4 years ago - things change, things happen, and not always the way you want them to.
              Move on, and or start your own post on a subject you feel is important to this discussion.

              1. re: ecoay

                I agree. The staters in colton in the one i always go to and I always buy 6 pounds of their flap meat every week. The best meat out there. Never have i found a problem with it. As far as flossing your teeth to get the meat out, that happens with all meat time to time. I won't buy my meat anywhere else.

            3. Any Asian or Mexican market will have better meat for cheaper. Just be aware that cuts are different.

              1. I never shopped at Stater Bros., but I do remember those commercials. in the 70s and 80s.

                I don't know how Stater Bros. prices its meat, but I do know that Costco actually has pretty good meat (choice, some prime) at prices well below what you'll find at a premium upscale supermarket like Gelson's or Whole Foods. Of course, you can't just buy one steak or one pound of ground beef, but if you're serving enough people (or have space in your freezer) it's worth checking out.

                How much were the T-bones from Stater Bros.?

                I also second the recommendations for carnicerias/Asian mkts.

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                1. re: Jack Flash

                  The T-bones were on sale for $4.47 per pound.

                2. There's a Restaurant Depot in Colton. Every RD has good meat at wholesale prices just in large, cryovac pacs for restaurant use. You just have to buy a lot at one time, portion & freeze sort of thing.

                  RD is wholesale only. If you have any kind of business license (not just in the food service industry), or work for a nonprofit and can bring the nonprofit's tax ID card, then you can get a free membership. There may be other credentials they'll accept for a membership card, but call and ask. Don't know if that works for you, but that's all I can suggest in Colton. Don't really know the area well.