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Another Victim of the Economy

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Vega's Cafe in the northwest part of the city didn't make it through this economy.

It had been in town since the 1970's in some form or the other: Vega's in Hyde Park Area, El Calderon on North Decatur, and Vega's Cafe on Tenaya/Azure.

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  1. Too bad. I meant to try that place, but never got around to it. However, it's no surprise, as that particular strip mall (Tenaya/Azure) is probably well over half-empty at this point. I just hope Capriotti's holds out, as it's the closest one to where we live. I was sorry to see the kitchen supply store close last year.

    As for the pizza place in the same strip mall, well, it deserved to go, IMO. I gave them three chances, and they managed to screw up a very simple order, each time. The overpriced gelato shop was no loss either.