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Where can I find champagne vinegar?

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I have been to many stores and am having a real problem finding it! Any suggestions welcome.

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  1. I've bought it before at Max's market in bloor west village. Not sure if they'd still have it but it may be worth a shot if you're in the area.

    1. my friend just bought some at McEwan's. It was about $18 for a small-ish bottle. Probably not the best value, but they have it.


      1. I am sure you will find it at Sun Valley on Danforth, or even most grocery stores such as Loblaws.

        1. I've seen it stocked regularly at Loblaws and Longos.

          1. pretty sure i've seen it at pusateri fruit and veg market on church.

            1. Whole Foods usually has it.

              1. A little late, but just an FYI I've seen it at Home Sense/Winners.